Gigabit Cities across Yorkshire

Yorkshire goes gigabit with DarkLight from Exa

Gigabit speeds are the next big step for Internet connectivity, representing a major upgrade to performance across the board. While gigabit speeds have previously been available through Leased Line connections, we’ve recently launched a far more advanced option - our DarkLight connections.

DarkLight’s the last connection you’ll need to install, designed to give you scaleable, future proof Internet. Working with CityFibre, we’re bringing DarkLight to cities across the UK, making them into Gigabit Cities - some of the fastest connected regions on the planet.

We’ve been particularly focused on Yorkshire as a Bradford-based business, with 5 Gigabit Cities now located around West and South Yorkshire. We’re bringing world-class Internet to Yorkshire business and schools, giving you a huge range of advantages - read on to find out exactly how we can help you!

Why Gigabit Cities are important for Yorkshire schools

With a huge number of students and teachers using the Internet at any given time, schools have always required top-end Internet connectivity. In recent years, that requirement has increased significantly with the rise of online video, tablets, Internet-using educational software and more.

DarkLight provides schools with whatever Internet speed they need, from 100 Mbps speeds for primary schools to multi-gigabit speeds for the largest facilities. More importantly, those speeds aren’t permanently fixed - you can easily upgrade your connection without any additional construction, letting you quickly accommodate for any future increase in bandwidth requirements.

Despite bringing you some of the best Internet services available in the world, DarkLight doesn’t come with a high price tag. With prices starting at the equivalent of just £299 + VAT per month, it ends up being far less expensive than the slower connections that many Yorkshire schools use right now.

Gigabit Connectivity boosts business in Yorkshire

There’s a whole lot of advantages out there for businesses adopting gigabit connectivity. Our DarkLight lines ensure that all of your employees can get ultrafast Internet, completely cutting out the losses to productivity that slower connections cause - about 38 hours of work per employee every year!

Historically, Internet connections have prioritised download speeds, with uploads falling heavily behind. That’s been useful in the past, but in recent years, we’ve seen a significant change in priorities, with cloud backups and software requiring high upload speeds to work effectively. With DarkLight, you’ll get completely symmetrical speeds, as uploads match downloads.

Areas becoming Gigabit Cities can expect an influx of tech-focused businesses, while preexisting enterprises can start to significantly improve their performance by adopting previously unfeasible technical additions.

Every business can benefit from gigabit Internet in a different way - if you’re interested in registering your interest in gigabit connectivity or want to find out more about what we can offer you, just get in touch with our team today at 0345 145 1234!

Which Yorkshire Cities have Gigabit Internet?

Right now, our multi-gigabit lines are available or soon to become available in 5 major areas across Yorkshire, bringing schools and businesses the benefits of world-class connectivity. As a Bradford-based business, we started off by launching in our home city earlier this year, backed up with a launch in Leeds soon after. We recently expanded into South Yorkshire, with our connections due to become available in 3 great areas around October.

Yorkshire’s gigabit cities are as following:

• Bradford - Connections completely live;

• Leeds - Live right now;

• Sheffield - Coming live soon;

• Doncaster - Due to launch in October; and

• Rotherham - Also getting ready for launch.

We’re working to add new Yorkshire gigabit cities to our network all the time. If you’re not in one of the cities we’ve mentioned but are interested in DarkLight, just give us a call to register your interest at 0345 145 1234. We try to plan our expansion based on interest in our services, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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