Keeping Workplace Stress to a Minimum

Stress in The Workplace

Keeping stress to a minimum for your employees is hugely beneficial for your overall business, which in turn, reduces your stress levels also. Taking care of your staff has been proven to improve performance, reduce absence levels, help you retain your staff for longer and make your organisation more appealing to on-looking job seekers.

So what causes stress to your employees and what steps can you as a business owner, take to keep this down to a minimum?

How Can You Keep Occupational Stress to a Minimum?

Internet connection causes the most stress for business owners, how can you keep workplace stress to a minimum?

Work overload may be one of the more obvious reasons for workplace stress. The best way to keep on top if this is to make sure managers are aware of the amount of work their staff have on their plate, and spread tasks evenly. If it is not possible to spread the workload and every one is over capacity, it may be time to hire another member of staff.

Asking about someones work progress every second of the day and micro-managing where it’s not needed, distracts from the original tasks at hand and reduces productivity. It can also lower an employees confidence if they cannot control their own pace and feel like you can’t trust their organisation skills or quality of work. Targets and PDR’s are created to ensure everything is on track and so that employees do not need to be monitored 247.

If your business is not well organised and processes are not in place, this can cause uncertainty. Ensuring staff are aware of how to carry out tasks, or even having a set handbook of processes to refer to will help dissolve any confusion.

Is your technology adequate for the tasks required? If the resources provided are not up to standard for what you are asking, it can make tasks take ten times longer that they need be and the output may not be to the required standard, causing frustration. For example, have you ever attempted to download large files on a slow internet connection or a connection that keeps cutting out? Ensure your staff can complete tasks with ease by providing the right resources and high speed internet connection.

Friction between staff members can understandably cause a lot of stress, not only for those involved, but those around them. This may require a private conversation with each person involved individually to disperse the situation.

Arranging fun, out of work and team building activities can encourage those experiencing stress to relax and feel more comfortable around other staff members.

Most importantly, encourage openness and honesty between staff and managers. The earlier you become aware that a member of staff is experiencing problems, and the more freely they can explain how they feel, the more you can get on top of the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

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