31 Great Reasons to head to #exabytes18 - Part 2

Why Visit #exabytes18?

Coming up on the 29th of June, #exabytes18 is the single biggest event in the calendar for exa.foundation, as we invite a huge number of Computing teachers (at all levels) to Bradford’s central Midland Hotel for a day full of teacher-led CPD and networking.

At #exabytes18, we’re planning to host over 20 excellent sessions covering practically every side of edtech both in and around the classroom, giving attendees the chance to explore a huge range of topics, ensuring that everyone coming gets the chance to discover approaches, resources and opportunities that can make a real difference for them. With the conference taking place in a convenient, luxurious environment, visitors also have the chance to meet teachers from around the country, especially at the free Bradford TeachMeet on the evening of June 28th.

With a huge selection of activities, a low ticket price (particularly if your school uses Internet connectivity from Exa Networks), and absolutely no sales pitches, #exabytes18 is a truly excellent opportunity for Computing teachers. If you’re interested in finding out more, head on over to our #exabytes18 EventBrite page to book your tickets!

What makes #exabytes18 special?

If you’ve checked our social media recently, you’ll have seen some great reasons to head to #exabytes18 - we’re sharing one every day throughout May. Here’s some of the latest reasons to visit the conference (you can also check out the first of our #31WaysinMay posts here):

Meeting Other Teachers: #exabytes18 takes place in the Midland Hotel, right next to the Bradford Forster Square train station, making it easy for teachers to reach the event, while a wide range of breakout areas round the hotel let attendees meet others. Right before #exabytes18, we’re hosting a large-scale Bradford TeachMeet, giving teachers another great chance to get in touch with peers from around the country.

Practical Sessions: Unlike many conferences, #exabytes has a lot of focus on practical sessions, from cybersecurity demonstrations to events based around physical Computing, giving our attendees a chance to take away some real hands-on experience instead of just listening to presentations.

Leading a Session?: We’ve already had some fantastic suggestions for sessions at #exabytes18, covering a lot of ground. However, if you’re interested in running a session at the show, we’d love to hear from you - just fill in this session proposal form!

Making #exabytes18 Even Better: This is the third time we’ve run an #exabytes conference. As such, we’ve taken time to look through the fantastic feedback we’ve had for the conference to adjust the show for our guests. This year, we’ll be running #exabytes18 across a single floor of the Midland Hotel, rather than sending guests back and forth across floors, while concentrating the number of sessions we’re running to ensure that people are able to see more relevant events, instead of getting caught up with dozens of choices.

Exploring the Curriculum: With #exabytes18 incorporating sessions aimed at various Key Stages, you can expect some fantastic sessions designed to introduce and explore various aspects of the specification, helping teachers get more to grips with the subject, while discovering new ways to approach topics in the classroom.

Choosing Useful Sessions: We’re redesigning #exabytes this year to make it far easier for our attendees to visit the sessions that interest them the most. We’re running 4 great session venues within the Midland Hotel (rather than the 6 of previous years), with sessions being designed to cover a wide range of fields, making it easier for delegates to pick events that will be relevant and useful to them.

Great Keynote Speakers - Christine Swan: We’ve got a fantastic four keynote speakers for #exabytes18, each providing an expert session throughout the day. Our second keynote is from Christine Swan, Computing At School Master Teacher.

In her session, Christine’s going to explore Computing on a Shoestring, taking a look at some of the ways in which Computing teachers can approach physical Computing without a large-scale investment, introducing a number of simple, fun projects - sure to be an engaging and useful session at a time when Computing budgets are often tight.