Welcome to the Exa Blog!

Welcome !

At Exa Networks, we’re happy to announce the launch of our blog! We’re expanding our website to bring you news, information and articles about our fast and reliable internet connections for schools and businesses. On this page, we’ve broken down exactly what you can expect to see on our blog in the coming months.


From new types of internet service to exciting events, there’s always something going on at Exa. We’ll be keeping you updated about what’s going on with us, our partners and what’s happening in the industry.


Confused about the difference between FTTC and ADSL? Not sure what kind of internet connection works best for your business or school? We’ll be running some articles to explain our services and answer a few frequently asked questions.


Along with information about our services, we will be writing up articles showing you around the wider world of IT - expect posts about the Exa Foundation (designed to help schools with the teaching of Computing and the implementation of e-safety) and more.

Exa offers high quality, reliable internet connections with no congestion (that means you get exactly what you pay for).

While we offer the same internet connection services to businesses and schools, each sector has different needs and wants. To make sure that you see information that’s relevant to you, we’ve split our website into two main areas - Exa Education and Exa Solutions. We’ll also be categorising our blog posts to give you a clear look at how Exa can help you improve your internet connection.