Discovering the University Business Centre - Wakefield

Opening Wakefield Business Centre

In the modern day, the support provided by a university often extends far beyond the campus and current students. Leeds Beckett University is one of the leading examples of this progression, having started up their pioneering Digital Hub programme back in October this year.

Designed to give emerging local businesses the support they need to succeed, from conveniently-located, ultrafast-enabled, comfortable office space to networking and direct support from major organisations, the Digital Hubs can make a huge difference for digital businesses, and provide significant benefits to the local economy.

Following the launch of their first Digital Hub in Leeds itself, the University are getting ready to launch their second hub, the University Business Centre - Wakefield, this time placed right in the centre of Wakefield, less than 5 minutes walk from Westgate Wakefield station.

The University Business Centre in Wakefield is set to fully launch in early January as the first multiple-gigabit building in the city, but there’s a preview event set to take place next week, on the 13th of December, giving you the chance to explore just what makes the centre one of the absolute best opportunities for young businesses and entrepreneurs in Wakefield.

Click through to the Wakefield Business Centre Preview page to find out more about what’s planned, or read on to find out more about the Digital Hub programme!

A look inside the Leeds Digital Hub

Find out more about Digital Hubs

With a significant number of businesses not making it past their first year, it’s really essential for companies to get their early years right - something that’s far harder done than said. The Digital Hub programme is designed to help give companies all the support they need to make it through this difficult phase, with a proven 95% chance of success, an incredible step up from the standard.

The support provided by Leeds Beckett University takes a number of forms. Most immediately obvious - the fantastic working environment created at the hubs. With each centre placed in a convenient location, and combining advanced office features with surprisingly low costs, the hubs are a great choice for young businesses right from the start.

Beyond the physical location, there’s a wide range of benefits provided by the Digital Hubs, including the following - head over to the University Business Centre Wakefield page to find out more:

Free Onsite Clinics: The University provides a number of free clinics for companies hosted in their Digital Hubs, including courses on legal manners and accountancy - both traditionally areas where growing businesses have trouble finding adequate access and support.

Training and Mentoring: Along with the clinics mentioned above, many of the companies housed in the Digital Hubs can benefit from exclusive support, training and mentoring opportunities, gaining valuable insight and guidance.

Access to Research: As a property of Leeds Beckett University, the hubs provide comprehensive access to academic research, which can make a real difference for many companies.

Conference and Meeting Space: Each Digital Hub includes high-quality space for meetings and conferences, removing the problem of booking space elsewhere - and with every hub placed in a convenient location, visitors won’t have any problem getting around.

We’re proud to be supporting the Digital Hub programme, providing world-class DarkLight Internet connectivity to all the hubs. With every DarkLight line supporting 10 Gbps symmetrical speeds as standard (with 100 Gbps options also available), the hubs will never need to install another Internet connection.

A look at the Leeds Digital Hub