Updated Product Range

Introducing our Updated Product Range

We have changed our range of products and pricing to fit in line with the current market, whilst also accurately reflecting our stance in the industry and mission to provide affordable, high quality connectivity to schools and businesses across the UK.

Going forward we are changing the way in which we deliver our FTTC products, introducing new options to our FTTP range and also welcoming a brand new product to the Exa portfolio - GFast.

New Product Picture


We have reduced our FTTC range down to just two products: 10Mbps and up to 80Mbps at £2,070 and £2,500 p.a respectively. 
This is to bring our FTTC product more in line with our portfolio. As new technologies have become more readily available, with more attractive pricing for our customers, our traditional FTTC connections did not resonate with our vision or our wider product range.


GFast availability is currently limited, however there are ambitious roll-out plans.

This new boosted FTTC-based product, is available with up to 300Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speeds (dependant on your distance from the nearest cabinet). Once a speed is identified by using a BT telephone number, you can rest assured that you will rarely experience any congestion.


We have widened our FTTP offering to four products, from 80Mbps through to 330Mbps.

If you are eligible for this service, we can guarantee the speed you choose - regardless of the location of your nearest cabinet. By having more speed options available on FTTP, it makes it very quick and easy to upgrade, should you decide you need more bandwidth.


Our new Critical Care Support service gives a guaranteed initial response from Openreach within 1 hour, a target repair time of 8 hours, and 24x7 appointments. Compared to 4 hours initial response, 40 hours repair time and appointments within Mon-Fri, 8am—5pm which you receive on standard care. This option is available across all of our products with the exception of leased line or DarkLight connections.

For our full product breakdown and new pricing please take a look here: https://www.exa.net.uk/services/connectivity/