Who benefits from Ultrafast Internet?

Ultrafast connectivity for small businesses

When small businesses hear the phrase ‘ultrafast connectivity’, there’s a tendency to imagine that it’s only useful for particularly large companies. That’s not exactly true. While it’s certainly unlikely that a standard SME needs multi-gigabit connectivity, ultrafast connectivity (speeds over 100 Mbps) can make a real, useful difference for many small businesses. In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the ways ultrafast connectivity can help SMEs, drawing on real-world examples.

As an ISP, we supply an ever-increasing number of businesses with ultrafast connectivity through our leased lines and future-proofed DarkLight, giving us a real understanding of how world-class connectivity can benefit SMEs across a wide range of market sectors.

At this point, it’s also worth pointing out another thing that many associate with ultrafast connectivity - ultrahigh prices. While it’s certainly true that ultrafast Internet has historically been expensive, we’re working to make it far more accessible for SMEs, with low prices and our support for cost-cutting connectivity vouchers allowing more companies than ever to benefit from ultrafast connectivity.

How does ultrafast Internet benefit small businesses?

On a basic level, there’s a few key factors where ultrafast Internet connectivity can make a real difference in practically all cases. Given the wildly different ways in which various companies operate, each of these factors can range from being a real game-changer to being somewhat unimportant, with ultrafast connectivity being far more desirable for some SMEs than others.

New Possibilities: First and foremost, ultrafast connectivity can open up a surprising number of possibilities for SMEs. Whether it’s using more Cloud-based services across the business, increasing use of livestreaming video, vastly faster data backup, collaborative design, or any other one from an ever-growing list (head down to the next section for a couple of examples), ultrafast Internet can help businesses take full advantage of the vast range of options available in the modern day.

Reliability: One of the main concerns that SMEs have with their Internet connectivity is a lack of genuine reliability. With connectivity being a vital utility, even temporary problems can be a genuine problem, potentially wasting time and money. Ultrafast connectivity is, in nearly all cases (and certainly with the options we provide), significantly more reliable than other options, with high SLAs providing users with a measurable, advanced level of reliability.

Future-Proofing: Interestingly, the SMEs who invest in ultrafast Internet don’t always need vastly faster connectivity - but they expect to in the coming years. With an ultrafast connection, businesses are able to ensure that they’re never held back by their connectivity, particularly if they choose DarkLight, which allows users to upgrade their connection speed at practically any time.

Day-to-Day Convenience: A recent study claims that the average employee in the UK loses a full 38 hours of work annually due to poor Internet connectivity - roughly a full week’s worth of work. It’s somewhat self-explanatory how ultrafast Internet can help remedy this, helping businesses ensure that they’re performing at their best (while cutting out a frequent source of employee frustration).

DarkLight case studies

Beyond the standard set we’ve outlined above, various industries can see many sector-specific advantages. Talking with some of our long-term customers, we’ve put together some major examples of these advantages below. While the case studies in this section explore a couple of examples in depth, they’re certainly not the only cases where ultrafast connectivity can make a real difference. If you’re interested in finding out what ultrafast Internet could mean for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234!

Kala Sangam:

One of Bradford’s most interesting venues, the Kala Sangam centre hosts both business conferences and a fantastic range of arts events primarily designed to highlight and explore aspects of South Asian culture. As an increasingly popular venue, Kala Sangam required fast and reliable Internet connectivity - neither of which they were receiving.

After investing in DarkLight, Kala Sangam have reported some fantastic improvements, with their connection now reliable across the year, and fast enough to support a huge number of active users at any given time, even with multiple visitors using the centre’s WiFi to stream and store video of the events taking place, helping improve day-to-day operation at the centre.

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Head over to our full Kala Sangam case study to find out how ultrafast Internet has benefitted the centre, in their own words.

Charles F. Stead:

An iconic leather tanner responsible for supplying some of the world’s leading shoe manufacturers, Charles F. Stead is all about traditional excellence, with a heritage stretching back over a century. As such, it might be a little surprising that they’ve invested in ultrafast Internet, a distinctly futuristic service for many.

It’s definitely not as unusual as it sounds - precision is absolutely key in the leather industry, particularly with quality-focused companies like Charles F. Stead. Each skin requires detailed observation and processing, with each part of this generating a significant amount of data (the majority of which is required by their clients), and with roughly 8000 skins processed daily, the data adds up extremely quickly.

At the end of the day, all the data accumulated across the day has to be backed up. Previously, the company relied on a 8 Mbps line, with uploads taking up to 8 hours. When we introduced DarkLight, we upped this to a fully symmetrical 100 Mbps line (at about the cost they were previously paying), vastly cutting down on the time it takes to back up the day’s work.

However, it gets better. Last year, we upgraded the majority of our DarkLight packages for free, hugely increasing speeds for our customers at absolutely no extra cost - Charles F. Stead now receive symmetrical 300 Mbps connectivity, a little under 40 times faster than their original connection.

If you’re interested in finding out more about ultrafast connectivity for your business, get in touch with our team today at 0345 145 1234, or head over to our DarkLight website to find out more about one of our ultrafast options.