The EdTech Strategy

The EdTech Strategy

Last month, the new EdTech strategy was published with aims to reduce teachers workload, increase student outcomes and create equal opportunities for those with special needs and disabilities.

The strategy, which is backed by £10 million in funding, is designed to raise the standard in schools, colleges and universities across the country.

How will this happen?

Innovative technology businesses will work alongside teachers, lecturers and education professionals to tackle common challenges faced in teaching. They will also work to make sure those within the education industry are equipped with the skills and tools needed to meet the requirements of their students.

School children learning on tablet

What challenges will the strategy tackle?

The EdTech strategy highlights 10 education challenges that the Government aim to change and how they plan to do so. These challenges include:

  • Reducing teachers’ marking workload: A recent study found that 52.5 percent of UK teachers regularly work unpaid overtime, this time on average equals 12.1 hours per week. The strategy plans to address this issue by looking at how technology can be used to cut down on the time teachers spend preparing and marking work.

  • Identify how anti-cheating software can be improved: Further details will be set out on how the Government can help to tackle the problem of essay mills within colleges and universities.

  • Boost training opportunities for teachers: There will be a focus on making training more accessible to teachers and how to tailor this training to each individuals needs.

  • Utilise the power of technology in special education: Another focus is to use technology to make education accessible and inclusive for those with special educational needs and disabilities.

    In a statement, Education Secretary Damian Hinds said: ‘This strategy is just the first step in making sure the education sector is able to take advantage of all of the opportunities available through EdTech.’

    ‘We now call on schools, businesses and technology developers to realise the huge potential of technology to transform our schools so that teachers have the time to focus on teaching, their own professional development, and — crucially — are able to cater to the needs of every single one of their pupils.’

    In the past, the Government has been criticised for ignoring teacher calls on how to improve the education sector with many feeling that the new strategy is long overdue.

    Whilst it’s still early days, the EdTech strategy promises the start of many partnerships, collaborations and strategies that aim to place the UK at the forefront of developing and adapting new technologies.

    For more information, check out the Governments Press Release on EdTech.