How Can Technology Help Your Small Business Grow?

How Technology Can Help SME’s Grow

In a growing digital world, technology is fast becoming an essential factor in the day-to-day running of businesses across the UK.

We regularly see a range of new technological programmes, software and developments being released onto the market which are designed to help businesses discover and develop new innovative ways of doing what they do best.

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Digital Marketing

In an era where having a strong digital presence is essential, developing a clearly defined digital marketing strategy is vital for any small business to raise brand awareness, attract customers and avoid missing potential opportunities.

There are many technologies out there that can make it easy for you to improve your online presence, measure your performance and show you what you can do for better success.

As a small business, a well designed, user friendly website that is optimized for search engines and across devices, can put you on the map and start encouraging potential customers to check out your business.

Pairing this with other forms of digital marketing such as social media, email marketing and pay-per-click advertising, can help you target your potential customers and raise brand awareness. Make sure you research into the types marketing outputs you’re thinking of including in your strategy, as many tools offer a range of strategies/targeting options that are designed for small business growth.

Analytics Tools

Analytical tools can help identify a businesses strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to distinguish what may be working well and what may not.

Information that you can collect through tools such as Google Analytics can show you data such as where your website traffic is coming from, where in the world people are viewing your website and where across the website your visitors are looking.

From here businesses can decide whether this is in-line with their target audience and online goals. As all data remains stored in these tools, you can create reports to review again in the future to see if the changes you made really did make a difference.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has revolutionised traditional ways of storing data. In the past, many businesses had to invest in high capacity storage devices. Today, it’s easy to store unlimited amounts of data online via cloud based storage.

Cloud storage means that staff can access documents from anywhere in the world, and platforms such as Google Drive also let you collaborate in real time. Some Cloud Storage software will also perform back-ups automatically so you don’t have to worry about remembering to do these manually.

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Productivity Software

Productivity is another factor which contributes to business growth. If you and your team are working hard, producing outstanding products, providing great customer service all whilst minimising costs and maximising return on investment, your business will take steps towards success. But this isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Staying organised and productive can be hard, there will be roadblocks along the way but introducing productivity software into your business can often help. In the Dell and Intel Global Evolving Workforce Study, 46% of employees surveyed, stated that technology has increased their productivity and enabled them to communicate faster.

Productivity apps such as Slack and Trello are often ideal for small businesses as they often offer an affordable upfront cost with many offering a free level of service. These apps can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection and used across a range of devices, meaning working out of the office becomes easy.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software can also help with business growth by integrating business communication systems and allowing you to keep track of where you are in a customer relationship journey, therefore meaning a higher quality of care by ensuring no one is forgotten.

Internet Connection

To be able to make the most of the technology which can help your small business grow you will need a reliable internet connection. Imagine trying to utilise an online productivity tool or cloud storage services and not being able to access what you need.

We provide internet connectivity options which are designed to suit all businesses, including bespoke services and our ultrafast Gigabit Connectivity products - DarkLight and GPON, which offer the same speed for both uploads and downloads.

When utilised effectively, technology has the power to help small businesses achieve growth and success. Having a suitable internet connection will ensure that you are able to harness the power of current and new technologies as and when they emerge.