About changes to Target Tracker

Supporting Target Tracker Changes

Designed to support data-driven assessment and analysis for students, Target Tracker is a popular piece of software for Primary schools across the UK. If your school uses Target Tracker, you may recently have seen an email from them explaining that Microsoft will be updating the network hardware used to store Target Tracker data.

As the email states, the company currently aren’t sure whether their IP will change alongside the imminent update, which could feasibly require some changes to various managed solutions - the email asks users to allow a certain IP address over a specific port in order to ensure continuous, effective service.

If you’re using our SurfProtect content filtering, don’t worry. Our team have already added permissions for the address, so your Target Tracker services should be completely unaffected by the network upgrade - just working a bit faster and more reliably thanks to the network upgrade.

However, if your Target Tracker services appear to be affected, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234 to let us know so we can resolve any changes. The network upgrade should be completely finished by May 4th, so any (unlikely) effects should be noticeable by then.