What’s new with SurfProtect?

All-new SurfProtect arrives on August 31st!

Today, we’re set to launch an all-new version of our SurfProtect content filtering software!

Since it started in 2004, SurfProtect has been a leading content filtering solution for schools and businesses, giving you a great level of control over how your organisation’s filtering functions. Today, we’re releasing an all-new version of our software to bring you even more convenience, options and control.

All-new SurfProtect will be bringing in some impressive new features designed for your convenience, which we’ve explored below. We’ll be emailing all our customers when SurfProtect’s live, but you can also head over to our planned maintenance page for up-to-date news about SurfProtect’s launch status.

The SurfProtect Logo

What to expect from SurfProtect filtering

With the new version of SurfProtect, we’re designed a system with a focus on convenience and control. From the start, we’ve built the system to be simpler and more intuitive to use - check out our new SurfProtect guide to get an early look at how the new panel operates.

Importantly, we’ve kept the most important features from the last version of our software, ensuring that your previous content filtering settings will still be in place when you start using new SurfProtect, so you don’t have to worry about any issues there.

We’ve also kept the same pricing structure - SurfProtect Cloud and Proxy are free for Exa customers, while the hardware-based Fusion just comes with a charge for the hardware and warranty.

Using SurfProtect, you’ll still be able to apply distinct filtering settings to individual computers, locations and more, giving you the complete control over your filtering needed in the modern day.

Brand new features for SurfProtect content filtering

We’ve added plenty of new features with the latest version of SurfProtect - here’s a few of the biggest additions:

One-Click Umbrella Behaviours: Our new Umbrella Behaviours let you quickly apply a range of preset filtering behaviours, from settings designed to instantly meet the Prevent Duty to adult content blocking, Walled Garden filtering and more.

Domain Doctor: Wondering why a site’s blocked? Our Domain Doctor explains exactly why SurfProtect is blocking a particular site, giving your users a clear understanding of filtering policy while making it easier for you to change settings.

Categorised Keywords: New SurfProtect categorises keywords into a few different areas, from obvious adult content to words associated with hate material, online games and more.

Policy Prioritisation: Using our new panel, you can arrange policies to create a prioritisation order. This lets you decide which filtering category should be applied in the case of an overlap - when a student logs into a library computer, as an example.

File Type Blocking: One of the most common infection vectors for computer viruses is through spoofed files (seemingly legitimate files containing malware, or using harmful macros). Using SurfProtect, you can completely block the download of certain file types (.exes, .pdfs and far more), giving you an additional level of cybersecurity.

Site Multi-Classification: Many sites have multiple kinds of content - it wouldn’t be surprising to see a news site with a sports section, for example. SurfProtect can now apply multiple classifications to a site, giving you a clearer look at the actual content of a website, and making filtering far more effective and accurate. You can even prioritise how category filtering is applied - making sure that adult content is always filtered, for example.

What’s next for SurfProtect?

The work doesn’t stop with SurfProtect’s launch - we’re busy building even more new features designed for your convenience! Right now, we can’t give out too many details, but stay tuned for more information via Twitter @exanetworks!

Outside of additional features for our SurfProtect software itself, we’ve got a few more projects in the pipeline. Our brand new SurfProtect website will be launching in the near future, while a series of video guides showing you how to use SurfProtect will also be coming soon!