Exa Enters G-Cloud!

Exa joins G-Cloud

Designed to streamline the process for public sector agencies looking to introduce Cloud services, G-Cloud is a fantastically useful framework for every organisation connected to the public sector, from schools to charities, local government branches and far more.

Essentially, G-Cloud lets public sector organisations introduce Cloud-based services without going through the trouble of getting a quote or tender, making it far easier to introduce new services and get the best out of the services available in the market.

Today, we’re very proud to announce that we’ve been awarded a place on G-Cloud! We’re able to accept orders via G-Cloud from today, and we’re glad to be part of such a fantastic initiative!

We’re using G-Cloud to provide our SurfProtect content filtering service. Built to give our users complete control over how their Internet connection can be used, SurfProtect is a Prevent Duty compliant, powerful filtering service that offers a practically unmatched level of customisability.

Users can easily pick out sites, keywords and categories of content to ban, while our permission lists allow you to ensure that genuinely useful sites aren’t blocked by any policy. We’ve designed SurfProtect to be extremely intuitive - in the many schools where it’s used, teachers are able to change filtering settings when necessary, ensuring that classes aren’t disrupted because resources have been blocked.

We provide SurfProtect as part of the great connectivity packages we provide our school customers, but it’s also available as a commercial product, delivering the same fantastic level of performance and flexibility to all users. Interested in finding out more about SurfProtect? Head over to the SurfProtect G-Cloud page, or give our team a call at 0345 145 1234!

In the near future, we’re going to be introducing another of our services to G-Cloud - stay tuned to hear more about what we’ve got planned! We’re also preparing for some exciting SurfProtect developments, which you’ll be hearing about quite soon.