Updating Domain Details for SRSplus

Updating Domain Contact Details

If you’re using domain services from Exa, or any other provider, you may recently have received (or may, in the future, receive) an email from an organisation called SRSplus, asking you to confirm certain details about the administrator for your domain, including various pieces of contact information.

While you may not be aware of SRSplus, the message should be considered a legitimate message rather than spam, provided that it actually comes from SRSplus (we’d recommend reading this Cisco blog on email spoofing for guidance on detecting false emails). SRSplus are a domain registration provider that we work with to ensure that our customers get truly high-quality domain services.

Essentially, following an update to ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) regulations, domain service users must provide accurate and complete WHOIS data for their sites. This increased level of information allows for improved online security, cutting down the presence of spam mail being sent across the board.

As such, it’s important to provide SRSplus with accurate contact information for the admin of any domains that you’ve registered. While the email from SRSplus should contain information on what’s required, if you’re an Exa customer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your account manager if you’d prefer us to securely update your details.