Why is slow internet a problem for schools?

Why schools need fast internet connections

Internet-based resources have proved invaluable for schools over the last few years. From information repositories like Wikipedia to video sites like Youtube and recently developed e-learning platforms, there’s an amazing amount of content for teachers to use in class - and for students to explore.

Over the last few years, the use of online resources in schools has ramped up significantly, which has been a problem for some schools. Watching and using videos, games and other media takes up a large amount of bandwidth, which means that some school internet connections simply can’t keep up with the demand.

This leads to some students being cut off from some extremely valuable online educational resources, a problem that’s only going to get more prevalent as demands increase over the coming years.

We at Exa Education think it’s clear that the demand for high-quality school internet isn’t going anywhere but up. With many schools starting to use tablet computers to promote learning in and around the classroom, there’s an entirely new area requiring internet use.

It’s not just tablet-using schools that are having trouble with slow school internet - older connections aren’t able to handle many of the more popular and useful online utilities out there for students and teachers.

A lot of schools also want to move towards using cloud storage to safely back up their data, and are being significantly held back by slow internet connections. Cloud storage requires high-speed upload capacities, which usually comes with a heavy price.

Getting high quality school internet at a low cost

The problems that schools can face with their internet connections are often exacerbated by extremely high costs. Schools are frequently charged tens of thousands for their internet despite receiving services that really don’t perform at the level they should, yet alone at a high enough level to meet increased demands.

Here at Exa, we offer a few different choices for school internet connections, each designed from the ground up to give schools a service designed for them. Our connection types are all built to deliver fast and reliable internet performance that gives you exactly what you pay for, all for a fair price.

Our DarkLight fibre optic internet is the latest service we’ve designed for schools, and it’s really the last internet connection you’ll need to install. With DarkLight, you’ll get ultra fast connection speeds (starting at 100 Mbps for both downloads and uploads) with an almost unlimited scope for upgrades without any additional construction work, and some incredible prices.

DarkLight prices start at just £3588 for the year (the equivalent of £299 a month), with a £2500 cost for initial installation. Right now, however, we’re giving you the opportunity to save £2000 on this cost - the first 125 DarkLight connections will just cost £500 to set up! Call us today on 0345 145 1234 to find out more.