How much is your business losing through Internet problems?

How slow and unreliable Internet costs your business money

Internet is a vital utility for any modern company, but many companies’ connections simply don’t measure up to the level of performance they need. While the majority of workers have experienced some problems as a result of slow or unreliable Internet, the actual statistics about lost revenue are quite shocking.

A nationwide survey commissioned by communications firm Daisy Group back in 2015 estimates that the UK economy lost a staggering £11 Billion a year due to downtime and slow Internet performance. Breaking it down further, the study established that the average worker loses about 45 minutes a week through poor connectivity - that’s 38 hours (almost a full week’s work) a year, an amount which quickly adds up in larger firms.

Daisy Group’s survey reached its £11 Billion/ year figure by equating the amount of time lost with the average UK salary, which does indicate an even more worrying cost to the economy. Most workers produce significantly more revenue per hour than they’re paid - slow Internet is almost certainly costs businesses more than the survey estimates.

How can Exa Networks help you cut down on wasted time?

We’re one of the UK’s leading independent ISPs for businesses and schools, specialising in bringing you complete reliability, bespoke, high-quality connections, and delivering exactly what you pay for. Whether you’re looking for a basic connection, high-quality FTTC speed, or ultrafast/ gigabit connectivity with our Leased Lines or DarkLight Internet, Exa works to bring you the very best in online performance.

With Exa, you can be sure of absolutely minimal downtime, with many of our connections coming with high end Service Level Agreements, promising you reliable service. If something ever goes wrong, you can count on our expert UK-based support team: we try to make sure that we pick up the phone in under 15 seconds, so you can quickly get in touch with someone who’s able to fix any issues - you won’t be kept on hold for hours, transferred between departments endlessly, or read to from a script.

Whichever of our connections you pick, you’ll get the speeds you pay for and can be sure of complete reliability, while our more powerful connections can completely cut out the problem of slow Internet, even for the largest offices.

For more information, just get in touch today! Call us at 0345 145 1234 to find out more about truly reliable Internet.