South Yorkshire is becoming Superfast!

Introducing SFSY Vouchers

Internet connectivity is a vital part of day-to-day operations for practically any modern business. Despite that, many companies simply aren’t getting adequate performance from their connections, with slow speeds and high prices meaning that many companies are unable to perform at their best.

As part of a wide-ranging scheme to help speed up South Yorkshire’s economy, Superfast South Yorkshire, a partnership between local councils and businesses, have launched a brand-new voucher scheme to hugely cut down the cost of investing in new technology.

With a range of vouchers available for SMEs across South Yorkshire, your business could potentially save thousands of pounds – read on to find out more about the voucher scheme!

If your business is located in the Leeds City Region, there’s another kind of voucher that you could be eligible for – click through to find out more about Digital Enterprise Vouchers.

More information about SFSY Connectivity & Innovation Vouchers

There’s two different kinds of voucher available through the SFSY scheme:

Connection Vouchers - As an ISP, we’re particularly excited by this side of the SFSY voucher scheme. The connectivity vouchers are designed to help SMEs get faster Internet speeds, with applicants being required to at least double their current speeds in order to be applicable for the vouchers.

Connection vouchers fund businesses with 50% of the cost of the connection they are installing, with up to an incredible £2500 in funding available for applying businesses.

Innovation Vouchers - With a larger scope than the connectivity vouchers, innovation vouchers are designed to let SMEs hugely cut down the costs of adopting ICT solutions. With the vouchers being usable for an almost unlimited range of areas, the scheme could definitely benefit your business. Vouchers cover 50% of the cost of adopting any technology, with funding ranging from £2500 to £12500 depending on individual requirements.

SMEs in the areas shown on the below map are eligible to apply for the SFSY vouchers, provided they meet certain criteria. Take a look through these criteria with the linked pdf.

The eligible areas for the SFSY voucher scheme

If you’re interested in finding out more about how to apply for a SFSY voucher, get in touch with the Exa team today at 0345 145 1234!

Discovering DarkLight in South Yorkshire

If you’re located in either Sheffield, Doncaster, or Rotherham, your business can get truly world-class connectivity. Designed using dark fibre, DarkLight is the absolute last Internet connection you’ll ever need to install for your business. When a DarkLight connection is installed, you’ll be able to get the level of performance your business needs, with symmetrical speed levels including 100 Mbps, gigabit speeds and world-class 10 Gbps connectivity.

Over time, bandwidth requirements increase, and companies start to need faster connectivity. In most cases, this would mean installing another line, at a significant cost. With DarkLight, however, upgrading your connection simply takes a phone call – you can change speeds whenever you want.

We’ve been rolling out DarkLight across the UK, with businesses in three of the areas we cover being eligible for SFSY vouchers. Head over to our DarkLight Cities page to find out more about the areas where DarkLight connectivity is available right now!