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Discovering Effective Educational Resources

With the new school year just getting started, we’re looking forward to a great year at Exa Education, with a whole lot of key events, launches and rollouts planned for the next few months. As part of our work through exa.foundation, we’ve put together links to a few key educational resources designed to support Computing teachers throughout the year.

These resources cover a wide range of different ground, so we’ve sorted them into different categories below:

Activity Plans

A collection of resources created by exa.foundation for the hack jams we organise.

Hack for Good: An exercise taking a look at what ‘hacking’ means, some basic approaches to editing websites, and ways in which hacking can be made into a positive.

Teaching Debugging: It’s important to learn how to find and fix errors in code - this exercise starts out with some intentionally faulty programmes, which learners are tasked with fixing.

Interactive Fiction: Introducing ways to use Interactive Fiction to encourage learners to develop branching paths while building up engagement with HTML.

Raspberry Pi, Micro:bit Resources:

Resources designed for both 2 popular pieces of hardware - Raspberry Pi computers and BBC micro:bits.

Raspberry Pi Collection: An official collection of Raspberry Pi resources, regularly updated with new, exciting projects. Recently, Raspberry Pi have added a full selection of 3D modelling resources, for instance, developing some exciting new possibilities.

Awesome Raspberry Pi: An in-depth collection of Raspberry Pi resources, including a large-scale list of OS options, technical tools and exciting projects.

Awesome micro:bit: As above, a huge collection of resources for the micro:bit, including physical projects like hovercrafts, effective measurement tools, and some in-depth projects like prosthetic controls.

Python Resources:

Resources designed to explore different ways to use and teach Python, a simple, popular programming language.

Teaching Programming with Python: A 5-part introduction to teaching Python, covering various exercises and topics, starting off with an Hello World exercise and progressing into basic ‘AI’ functions.

Introducing PyGame: A series of great resources created by #exabytes presenter Dan Aldred, introducing and exploring PyGame, an effective engine for making simple games using the Python language.

Find out more about exa.foundation!

We believe in helping schools get the very best results from technology, whether that means improving teacher confidence with Computer Science, supporting digital maker groups, promoting the effective use of classroom tech, or anything else. As a way to do this, we founded exa.foundation, a not-for-profit organisation designed to help give back to the education community.

Since 2015, exa.foundation has run hundreds of events across the UK for schools, teachers and community groups, all either free or low-cost for attendees. If you’re an Exa Education customer, you’ll get a few advantages courtesy of our foundation. While any school can organise an exa.foundation event (just get in touch at info@exa.foundation), we give priority to customers when it comes to timing.

We also offer completely free access to our Bett Award-nominated GCSE Computer Science MOOC, designed to help teachers integrate a flipped learning approach to the classroom.

Over on our upcoming exa.foundation events page, you’ll find a full list of everything that we’ve got coming up over the next few months - or head on over to our Twitter page to stay up to date with our events, CPD sessions and more!