Connecting the dots at All-Energy 2018

Advanced Connectivity for Renewable Energy

When you think about businesses that can benefit from high-performance Internet connectivity, wind farms and other renewable energy companies may not immediately come to mind. However, there’s actually a lot of factors which make effective connectivity a must for renewable energy companies and the generators they run.

At Exa Networks, we’re proud to be a leading ISP for the renewable energy sector, working to supply a wide range of wind farms across and around the country. Today and tomorrow, we’re at Glasgow’s fantastic All-Energy show, the UK’s largest event about renewable energy, so we’ve put together this blog to take a look at what makes Internet connectivity a must for renewable energy companies - and what makes Exa the best ISP for the sector. Head over to our All-Energy stand (F20) to find out more, or get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234!

Completely Reliable Connectivity: With renewable energy companies often relying upon up-to-date information from the generators that they run, being able to reliably transfer data at any point is absolutely paramount to day-to-day operations, with outages quickly creating a major problem. As such, we’ve designed our network to deliver comprehensive reliability around the clock, while offering effective 3G backup services with automatic failover to deliver completely reliable performance.

Supporting SCADA Control: SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) allows users to remotely supervise and control machinery, and is a hugely important tool for renewable energy businesses. By providing a range of high-speed connectivity options for renewable energy companies, we’re able to fully support live, highly responsive SCADA use at any scale - at any time.

Upload-Focused Connectivity: Reversing the standard need for high download speeds, renewable energy companies need to upload a huge amount of data from their generators to their central offices, with downloads being significantly less important. To support this, we offer a number of symmetrical and upload-prioritising Internet connectivity options, designed to support the unique requirements of our renewable energy customers.

There’s a lot more ways in which Internet services from Exa Networks can make a real difference for renewable energy companies - head over to our wind farm Internet services page to find out more!