ExaBot wins at Pi Wars 2017!

Visiting Pi Wars 2017

This weekend saw one of the most exciting events for Digital Makers in the UK - Pi Wars! Dozens of teams from across the country build robots around a Raspberry Pi core, then get together to compete through a series of events challenging every part of their skills, from robotic design to automation and control.

We’ve sponsored Pi Wars for several years, and this year, were very proud to enter a team of our own for the first time! Once a month, we host a coding club in our Bradford office - they decided to compete in this year’s Pi Wars, working over the last few months to build a robot for the competition practically from scratch.

On Saturday, our team’s months of effort were rewarded. Entering the junior division of Pi Wars 2017, our team took home the first place prize in the division, placing on the podium in 5 of the 7 events they took part in!

We want to congratulate our team - and all those who took part in this year’s Pi Wars! Read on to see more about ExaBot, and the other great entrants, designs and events from Pi Wars 2017!

The ExaBot team with Robot Wars judge Dr. Lucy Rogers

ExaBot at Pi Wars 3.0

As mentioned before, our team built a completely custom robot for this year’s competition, working on everything from the core electrical and mechanical design to the Python programme used to operate the robot - along with a lot of training to get to grips with some of the challenges awaiting at Pi Wars.

A top-down view of ExaBot

With 7 challenges testing a range of skills (and featuring both remote controlled and autonomous tasks), ExaBot had to be designed to cope with a huge number of different situations - and definitely managed that. Placing in the top three for 5 events, and winning the obstacle course outright, ExaBot took home a total of 363 points, winning first place in the junior division.

Here’s a quick video of ExaBot’s winning trek through the obstacle course:

And a fantastic overview of ExaBot’s outing at Pi Wars:

Other Robots at Pi Wars 2017

With dozens of teams taking part in this year’s competition across the weekend, there was an incredible range of talent and innovation on display - we’ve posted some of the more exciting sites from Pi Wars 2017 below:

Fantastic demo of multi-directional wheels:

A great shot at the bowling challenge:

Not actually present at Pi Wars this year, but an impressive demo of hovercraft tech: