Online Tools for Back to School 2019

Education Tools for The New School Year

With the new academic year around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity to discover and implement a range of new education tools within your organisation. Tools which will prepare and empower both teachers and students alike.

From management systems to help teachers plan and organise, to classroom tools to engage and inspire students, below we discuss some of the exciting new tools which will help you take on the new term.

Tools for Teachers

Preparing the classroom for a new year can feel a little daunting, but keeping track of essential tasks can help you stay optimistic and motivated throughout the term. Here, we highlight some tools which can help you take on a new approach…

teacher with large workload, holding pen and marking piles of paper

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is designed to help teachers organise homework, collaborate and communicate. Within Classroom teachers can create classes, set tasks, grade and send feedback to their students.

This tool also lets you integrate a range of educator approved apps allowing you to manage every platform with ease.

It’s accessible on both desktop and mobile, allowing teachers to work on the go, even out of lesson time. If your school is signed up for G suite for education, Classroom is included free, along with a whole host of Google for Education tools.


Trello is an easy to use planning/organising tool that allows you to create boards, lists and cards to help you organise and prioritise tasks - it’s just like a traditional to-do list, but better.

You can set deadlines, integrate popular apps (such as Google Drive) turn on notifications which alert you when changes are made to a task, or remind you when it’s almost due. The mobile app also means you can stay organised outside of the classroom.

Whilst this tool works well for individuals, it can also be a powerful way to collaborate with your colleagues or even students on tasks and projects, letting them ask questions, submit work and more.


Padlet is an online mood/bulletin board where teachers can work, reflect and share images, links and ideas.

Each board can be personalised and there are also a range of template styles for quick start up, invite other users and share your padlets with colleagues via email or social platforms.

Padlet also provides a plan designed for schools and students which offers extra security, personalised branding, user management and content filtering.

Tools for Students

The introduction of The EdTech Strategy and technology tools within the classroom has actively helped to keep students engaged in their lessons. But, in a heavily saturated environment, finding tools that are genuinely useful and not a waste of time isn’t always easy. Here are some that we would recommend checking out…

students in school classroom, using smart board technology


Kahoot! is a free game-based learning platform. It lets you create fun educational quizzes where you add a series of multiple choice questions, images and diagrams based on different topics.

Students then access your quiz using an online game code and play along on mobile or desktop devices. Players answer questions on their own devices whilst the quiz plays on a shared screen.

It’s great for creating a collaborative learning environment within the classroom and adds fun to revision and lessons.

Scratch 3.0

Scratch 3.0 is a free programming language and software, through which users can create their own interactive stories, games and animations that can then be shared via the online Scratch community.

There’s currently a huge push on the importance of coding within the curriculum and using this software allows you to incorporate this in a fun, hands on way.

Scratch 3.0 is the latest incarnation of Scratch and brings a move away from it’s traditional Flash roots. In the process, Scratch has had a makeover, resulting in a more user-friendly interface for students of all ages and levels.


A project originally started by a 12 year old boy, Edublocks helps to bridge the gap between block-based and text-based programming.

The Python text can be displayed on the blocks, so students can see exactly what they are coding. Once the block code is complete, this can switch straight into a Python editor, so you can see the finished code without the blocks.

The software is free and also works across multiple platforms, so you can code on any device with the Web Python mode and program microcontrollers with your PC, Mac & Raspberry Pi.

Code with Google

Code with Google has been created to help students learn computing skills to help them thrive in a changing digital world.

It offers a range of programmes including CS First which teaches both students and educators about the core concepts of Computer Science through activities, hands-on lessons and digital materials.

With courses suitable for Primary and Secondary students right through to Higher Education, Code with Google gives everyone the opportunity to explore code.

With many more online tools out there for both teachers and students, we hope this selection has inspired you to find innovative apps and programs that will help you take on the new school year.

If you would be interested in learning more about great resources and how best to use them, check out the webpage where you can see details of the many free events we host across the UK.