Introducing the New Exa Partner Portal!

A more convenient partner portal

We believe in giving the very best to both our customers and the partners who resell our Internet services. As such, we’ve been working over the summer to put together a convenient, one-stop portal for our partners, featuring high-quality marketing resources, helpful information and all the latest news about Exa Networks.

Until now, our partner portal has been solely for education partners, and hasn’t been fully usable on smartphones - with this update, we’ve added a business portal, created a fully scalable site, and modernised all of our documents for a more convenient, far more useful resource.

With our new portal being publicly open, you don’t have to worry about managing logins for the portal. However, we’ve password-locked a few potentially sensitive files - we’ve sent all of our partners an email containing the passwords needed to unlock them.

We’ve launched our new portal as part of a comprehensive update and modernisation for our website and online presence - stay tuned to find out more about our new, more convenient and flexible website.

We’ll be regularly updating the new partner portal with useful documents and all the latest news about Exa, though you’ll still be getting all the regular email updates we send out.

Click through to check out our new Partner Portal!

The frontpage of the Exa Partner Portal

The Exa Education Partner Portal

The Exa Business Partner Portal