Welcome to the new Exa website!

Launching the new Exa Website

If you’ve visited the Exa Networks website today, you might have noticed a pretty major change. We’ve released a completely new website, redesigned from the ground up to be far more useful, readable and modern than our previous site. Completely mobile and tablet friendly, our new site is the latest step in the total overhaul of our online presence, following our series of site launches and redesigns.

We’ve been working on relaunching our website for quite a while, and we’re particularly proud to have finished up the project for now. Along with the improved design of the site, we’ve streamlined and updated the content, making it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for - and ensuring that they know what makes Exa the best choice for Internet services.

Whether you’re looking for information on our connectivity options, are interested in some of the latest services we’ve added (such as our ExaVoice VoIP service and FortiGate firewall options) or just want to know a bit more about Exa, our website has everything you’re looking for.

Now that the website’s complete, we’ll be working to expand our knowledge base, adding an additional level to the support that we provide customers with a bank of effective solutions for issues and questions that can be easily resolved or diagnosed.