Exa teams up with NetSupport!

Exa and NetSupport

We’re always looking to offer our customers as great a range of services as possible. Today, we are happy to announce that we’ve partnered up with software solutions developer NetSupport to start offering their powerful IT management solution, NetSupport DNA to all of our customers.

For over 28 years, NetSupport has been bringing award-winning IT solutions to schools and businesses across the world, with their products being used in over 90 countries. NetSupport DNA is one of their latest solutions, designed to be the last word for IT asset management and monitoring, with its wide range of features and benefits for both the education and corporate sectors.

NetSupport DNA for Schools

NetSupport DNA provides a major advantage for schools on a number of levels. Initially, the service is a powerful asset management tool, giving an extremely detailed overview of your network, allowing IT administrators to see exactly how the network and individual computers are behaving and performing in real time.

This allows admins to cut down on wasted power and bills by remotely shutting down computers, along with a host of other management features - hardware inventory & discovery, power management, software licence inventory, remote control tools, endpoint security and more.

One of the main reasons that we’re introducing NetSupport DNA is to provide some features beyond those we’re able to provide with our SurfProtect content filtering service. While SurfProtect is fully Prevent Duty compliant, NetSupport adds another useful level onto our monitoring suite with its built-in safeguarding toolkit, featuring a range of proactive and reactive tools to help safeguard students.

The service lets you easily explore trends within any user’s search history, making it far easier to identify any possible causes for concern. As an example, while searches for a chemist may be innocuous in and of themselves, when they’re combined with searches for anorexia, the combination becomes something it’s worth staying on top of - which is made possible with the keyword and phrase matching tool which alerts schools to any safeguarding keywords being typed, copied or searched, while recording behaviour to allow safeguarding staff to stay on top of any potential concerns.

Most importantly, NetSupport DNA records behaviour, and notifies if there’s any cause for concern (with a completely flexible range of settings built to let you get information in the format that makes best sense for you). This allows you to generate and explore traits, giving you the ability to better stay on top of any potential concerns.

Using a unique world cloud feature, NetSupport allows users to see a detailed visual exploration of the topics that any user or group of users has been searching for - as demonstrated (with some nsfw language) here. As you’ll see, this makes it far simpler to understand any search trends, and get the student in question the support they need.

As teachers can’t be everywhere, NetSupport DNA features a ‘Report a Concern’ feature for students. This lets students discreetly report any concerns to a trusted member of staff from any PC in the school, while also letting them access a range of independent online safeguarding resources.

If you’d like to hear more about how NetSupport DNA could benefit your school, get in touch with your Exa account manager today.

NetSupport DNA For business

Designed as a powerful asset management service, NetSupport DNA vastly simplifies a great number of the processes involved in IT management, offering a major benefit in a time when tech is more important than ever for businesses.

From the start, users get a full, automatic list of computers connected to the corporate network, and can see practically every detail on how they’re being used.

IT staff have the opportunity to see everything from the hardware inventories to the software installed on a specific computer (along with the licenses being used for this software and application usage) to the cost of power and printing that each machine incurs. This display is fully customisable, letting users observe any individual computer or group of users, streamlining in-house support and cutting down on costs significantly.

While some corporate users may not wish to take too in-depth a look at how their employees use the Internet, NetSupport’s monitoring features provide completely flexibility, letting administrators see what sites are most used, gauge productivity and decide on the proper course of action.

If you’re interested in incorporating NetSupport DNA into your existing Internet solution, get in touch with your account manager today, and they’ll explore more of the unique and powerful features that the system can bring you.