Computing Resources for National Coding Week 2020

National Coding Week 2020

From the 14th September to the 20th September 2020, it is National Coding Week. Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions, lots of physical events that were going to be held by organisations across the world won’t be taking place this year. However, this doesn’t stop us from taking part this week, by sharing useful resources on coding. runs engaging events that help young people in the development of digital skills. Since the UK lockdown, has been running a range of virtual sessions which have proved just as popular. These include, inspirational virtual tours around cities; demonstrating landmarks important to computing history, or simply informal gatherings involving puzzles and discussions around strategies on how to teach computing more effectively. welcomes all ideas and suggestions for events that would be beneficial to you, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements. Upcoming events can also be found via the website.

Computing student coding week 2020 resources

Introducing coding from an early age

While many people see coding as a highly technical skill, it is in fact another form of literacy. As education is moving from the traditional array of literacies of reading, writing and arithmetic, Coding & Computational Literacy is hotly debated as a new educational staple.

It’s never too late to benefit from learning to code, but those who start at a young age do have a distinct advantage. Being introduced to coding at an early age makes it easier to comprehend the more technical aspects of computer science presented to pupils as they progress through the Key Stages. Achievement at a young age helps boost confidence, which in turn can help tackle the gender gap which is present both in Higher Education and STEM related careers.

Take a look at some of our recommended resources for Coding Week 2020.

Coding Resources:

Paignton Library - Virtual coding club with lots of activities for all ages.

EduBlocks - A drag and drop programming tool, created to help students develop from block to text based programming.

Kodu - A highly customisable game creation resource, with support for micro:bit. - An online course, with the main aim to teach beginners C# programming through story-telling in an interactive way. - An introduction to using and understanding Python. More of their sites include,, and more.

Scratch - A block-based programming language, very popular with young learners. You can also try Scratch Jr, if you require a more junior option.

CodeAcademy - Career-focused tutorials and introductions to many coding languages, including HTML, JS, Python and a lot more.

W3 Schools - A set of resources for learning basic web design, including HTML, CSS, JS and more.

Awesome Raspberry Pi - A wide range of projects, resources and tools for Raspberry Pi. - An important part of coding is designing. Hackdesign offers lessons created by designers from Facebook, Dropbox, and Google. - Fun and engaging coding activities designed to engage young people through videos, tutorials, and projects!

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