Powerful Computing resources for National Coding Week

National Coding Week 2017

From the 18th to the 25th of September 2017, organisations across the world are hosting a range of great events designed to engage anyone interested in coding and Computing, all under the banner of National Coding Week. Launched back in 2014 to help combat a digital skills shortage, National Coding Week has reached thousands, with hundreds of events organised across the UK and abroad.

We think that understanding Computing can be a major advantage - it’s one of the reasons that we started our exa.foundation. As such, we’ve put together a list of some particularly useful resources, tools and utilities for the week, ranging from introductory guides to BBC micro:bit projects, Raspberry Pi guides and more.

Read on to take a look through our resources collection, and head over to the National Coding Week website to find out about what’s being organised near you!

Effective Computing Resources

Introductions to Coding:

Code.org - Some great, hour-long coding activities, mainly designed to engage young learners.

Code Club homepage - Find local Code Clubs, where children interested in Computing can network and learn.

Hour of Code - Find thousands of local coding events, organised by volunteers from across the world.

Micro:bit Projects:

BBC micro:bit homepage - Collects some great tutorials, projects and information.

5 Great micro:bit Projects - Our collection of projects, resources and lessons for micro:bit.

Awesome micro:bit - A huge collection of resources, from MicroPython libraries to projects and far more.

Raspberry Pi Resources:

Raspberry Pi Collection - A range of projects from the official Raspberry Pi website, designed for various skill levels.

Awesome Raspberry Pi - A truly huge collection of projects, resources and tools for Raspberry Pi.

HTML/ CSS/ JS Training:

W3 Schools - A complete set of resources for learning about basic web design, including HTML, CSS, JS and more.

JS Fiddle - Test HTML, CSS and Javascript in your browser - also worth checking out CodePen, a similar site.

Other Websites, Programs and Resources:

Games that Could Help Teach Computing Concepts - A spreadsheet maintained by Miles Berry.

Git Tutorials - An introduction to using and understanding GitHub, a useful tool for coding.

Kodu - A highly customisable game creation utility, featuring support for micro:bit, and some great learning options.

Scratch - A block-based programming language, extremely popular with young learners - also check out Scratch Jr, a more junior option.

Computing At Schools - A group focusing on improving the teaching of Computing, with some great resources and regular CPD events.

CodeAcademy - Career-focused tutorials and introductions to various types of coding, including HTML, JS, Python and a lot more.

What comes next?

While this week’s seen a lot of events across the UK, it’s far from the only major Computing event in the calendar. Although the details are under wraps right now, we’re working on some great tech-based events for Europe Code Week, running from the 7th to the 22nd of October this year - stay tuned for more!

We’ll be putting together more info as soon as everything’s fully planned out - head over to CodeWeek’s Website to find out about events near you, and follow us on Twitter @ExaEducation for the latest news on what we’re planning!