DarkLight is now available in Milton Keynes!

Exa expands to Milton Keynes with CityFibre

Exa Networks has just signed a new deal with our partners CityFibre to bring our future proofed DarkLight internet connections to schools and businesses across Milton Keynes! From today, organisations across Milton Keynes can benefit from the ultrafast speeds, future proofed design and other amazing features that DarkLight brings.

We’re excited about the possibilities that our expansion into Milton Keynes brings for organisations around the city. Our director Mark Cowgill described the move as ‘A great new step for Milton Keynes, supporting the city’s history of excellence in business while ensuring that students across the city get the access to online resources that they need’.

Read on to find out about DarkLight from Exa Networks - and the advantages it offers for Milton Keynes schools and businesses.

What is DarkLight?

DarkLight is our latest development for internet connectivity. We’ve built DarkLight to be the very last internet connection that you’ll ever need to install, as it’s completely future proofed. With DarkLight connections you’ll get world-class speeds (our lowest starting speed is 100 Mbps) which can be upgraded at any time without any extra construction.

With DarkLight, upgrading your connection speed is completely simple. Our dark fibre lines from CityFibre can provide multi-gigabit speeds, so you’ll always be able to get world-leading internet speeds. Because our lines are completely uncontended, you’ll get the speeds you pay for: we’re committed to providing transparent and trustworthy service.

Our connections are completely symmetrical, giving you upload speeds to match your downloads. That means that cloud backups can be made quickly, keeping Milton Keynes schools and businesses secure.

We’re heavily committed to providing reliable service, so DarkLight connections come with a 99.9% Service Level Agreement. While problems with Exa connections are rare, our award-winning customer service team are always quick to respond, giving expert advice to get your connection running again.

DarkLight Internet Speeds

DarkLight benefits for Milton Keynes schools and businesses

Using DarkLight, your organisation can always be sure of an incredible range of benefits. Our connections provide a completely different set of benefits for both businesses and schools, so we’ve broken some of those benefits down here - head to the pages we’ve linked for some more info!

DarkLight for Businesses:

Completely customisable internet packages: One size doesn’t fit every business. We can work with your company to give you a bespoke internet service that achieves the goals you set.

Cut down wasted time: DarkLight connections are fast enough that you and your employees will hugely cut down wasted time waiting for pages to load and files to upload/download.

Change speeds any time: If you’re hosting a conference or just briefly need faster internet speeds, you can temporarily upgrade your company’s internet speeds at any time.

DarkLight for Schools:

Save your school money: Despite providing world class performance, DarkLight connections are significantly cheaper than a lot of school internet connections, cutting down your costs!

Short term contracts: We know that long-term contracts put off a lot of schools. That’s why DarkLight uses 12 month contracts, giving Milton Keynes schools completely flexible internet.

Support new programmes: Because of DarkLight’s flexibility, your school can easily add in a tablet scheme or BYOD programme without having to deal with heavily lowered internet speeds.

Get DarkLight connections in Milton Keynes

Organisations across Milton Keynes can now get some of the world’s fastest internet with Exa Networks. If you’re interested in finding out more about DarkLight, just contact us, and we’ll give you all the information you’re looking for!

Call us at 0345 145 1234 or email us at DarkLight@exa.net.uk

Because of Milton Keynes’ unique grid-based geography, we’re able to offer a special discount on DarkLight connections for a lot of businesses and schools. If your premises are located within 75 metres of our main fibre optic lines (which run throughout the city), installation just costs £500, giving you an amazing 80% saving! Give us a call and we’ll let you know whether you’re eligible to receive this discount on our ultrafast internet.