Making a Real Difference at #exabytes18

Discover ways to improve student engagement with Computing

As a teacher of Computer Science, it can often be hard to actively engage students with the subject if they’re not already fully interested in Computing. The difficulties of Computing engagement can become even more apparent when it comes to engaging learners across all demographics, with many students missing out on the opportunities that the subject has to offer.

In a fantastic session at #exabytes18, Phil Bagge is set to explore experience-based ways to help teachers get more students engaged with Computing, offering practical, effective ways to help make the classroom more approachable, open the doors to more learners, and improve understanding within the subject.

A long-time Computing teacher, Phil has created some fantastic resources for learners and teachers, while working to help improve the state of Computing across the country. Returning following a fantastic keynote session at #exabytes17, Phil is set to run one of the first of 25 excellent sessions at #exabytes18, taking place just after our keynote presentations.

Don’t miss out on #exabytes18!

Taking place on the 29th of June in Bradford’s convenient Midland Hotel, #exabytes18 is a fantastic opportunity for Computing teachers. Over a full day of events, teachers can explore a huge range of interesting and important topics, ranging from classroom approaches to practical, fun projects covering various parts of the Computer Science specification. Below, you can see our full timetable for #exabytes18 - you can also head over to our interactive #exabytes18 timetable for an in-depth look at what’s happening, or check out our EventBrite page to book your tickets for #exabytes18!

Take a look through the timetable for #exabytes18 - click on this to take a look at the full programme

We’ve designed #exabytes18 to offer teachers a combination of expert, tried and tested advice and ideas (with absolutely no sales pitches), opportunities to network with other teachers, and a truly great day out.

With a huge number of sessions to choose from at #exabytes18, we’ve taken a quick look at a couple of the events that we’re hosting - a guest talk from the Emmerdale Experience exploring STEM career possibilities and a talk from Claire Wicher about ways to integrate escape room design in Computing classes.

With just a short amount of time left before #exabytes18, make sure that you don’t miss out on the genuinely useful and effective insights from the event!