Exa co-founder Thomas Mangin reelected to the LINX Board!

Presentations and Events at LINX 93

LINX is one the very few large international internet exchange points, often referred as IXP or IX, in the world. IXPs can be thought of as an airport for the internet; a place where networks, from Google and Facebook to Sky and BT, meet to exchange traffic with each other.

LINX 93, the latest meeting of the London Internet Exchange, took place last week, running on the 16th and 17th of May. Across the two-day event, some of the biggest names in the Internet industry presented on various issues and advances for the industry. Topics discussed ranged from the potential effects of the Investigatory Powers Bill to Sky progress on its deployment of IPv6, the future internet addressing technology, covering a truly incredible amount of ground.

Alongside all the technical discussion, LINX 93 saw something a bit more personal for one of our directors- the election of two members of the LINX board for 2016. LINX’s 8-person board determines the path that LINX takes in its operations (providing peering for 700+ network providers), and Thomas, our technical director, was standing for re-election.

LINX Board Elections 2016

Thomas Mangin, a co-founder at Exa Networks and board member at IXLeeds - the Leeds Internet Exchange, has served on the LINX Board (sometimes referred to at the LINX Council) for the last 6 years. With a maximum of 9 consecutive years in office, Thomas was re-standing for a last three-year term.

Thomas came out on top of the LINX Council elections, with his past expertise on the board and strong plans for LINX’s future making him the first pick of many of the members voting. He will be joined by new council member Simon Woodhead replacing Neil McRae from BT who did not re-stand having reached his maximum term limit.

In his nomination statement, Thomas talked about the changes that LINX had undergone over the last few years, and explained that he would ‘continue to work towards challenging the organisation; making sure that LINX continues to deliver for its members’. He also specified that, while serving on the LINX board, he would ‘explore ways in which LINX can support new, and small existing IXes’, and highlighted the importance of listening to LINX’s members in order to fully support them.

Thomas’ dedication to LINX was a major reason for his reelection. A member since 2002, he’s long been a major figure in the LINX community. Prior to joining the board, he was a long-serving member of the LINX Program Committee. Speaking to us after his reelection, Thomas said ‘I’m very proud to have been re-elected to the LINX Council - I’m looking forward to the new challenges that we’ll be facing over the coming years, and I hope to keep on supporting LINX members in my role’.

When asked about the ‘major strategic challenges’ facing LINX in the next 5 years, Thomas warned of ‘increased attempts to regulate our industry’, describing something of a contrast between LINX’s purpose and the objectives and views of other organisations. This view was shared by several other candidates, with Simon Woodhead stating that LINX may have to ‘build [their] credibility amongst the wider public starting now’.

We at Exa Networks want to congratulate Thomas on his incredible achievement, and wish him another 3 years of great work at LINX!