Leeds plans for a Digital Revolution

Leeds goes 100% Digital

In an exciting new move, Leeds’ council has announced plans to help generate a digital revolution in the city by bringing digital skills, Internet connectivity and far more to thousands of homes around the area. The scheme is called 100% Digital Leeds, and is designed to help roughly 90,000 people gain basic digital skills, speeding up the city and generating a major economic surge.

With Internet connectivity more vital than ever, those who don’t have the ‘basic digital skills’ that the council discusses are hugely held back, with job hunting, housing and banking being just some of the areas made more difficult by a lack of access to reliable connectivity.

100% Digital Leeds plans to tackle quite a range of different areas over the coming years. Along with programmes to help develop digital skills, development of a tablet-lending programme and a push towards expanding publicly available Wi-Fi in libraries and other community buildings, the council’s announced a pilot scheme which will provide around 800 Cottingley homes with completely free broadband connectivity.

The pilot scheme will look to assess the economic impact of providing homes around Leeds with Internet connectivity, and consider the possibility of expanding the scheme to other parts of Leeds. We definitely feel that the scheme will take off and benefit the local economy while ensuring that Leeds residents get the access they need to online services – we wouldn’t be particularly surprised to see a wider programme aimed at delivering free or subsidised connectivity to homes throughout Leeds and Yorkshire in the coming years.

The programme ties in quite heavily with the ongoing work to speed up businesses around the Leeds City Region by providing major subsidies to SMEs looking to invest in new technology, including ultrafast connectivity, software licenses and hardware. The Digital Enterprise Voucher scheme provides businesses with up to £5000 to subsidise the cost of bringing in new technology – click through to find out more about the scheme!

With 100% Digital Leeds having only recently been announced, you can definitely expect to hear more about the programme soon – we’ll be keeping you up to date with the latest developments in the scheme!