Launching the Leeds Digital Hub

Exploring the Leeds Digital Hub

Last week, Leeds Beckett University officially launched the first of their digital hubs, advanced workspaces for emerging digital businesses across Leeds and Yorkshire as a whole. With start-up digital businesses facing a lot of difficulties in their first years, the digital hubs are designed to give those companies housed inside a lot of potential opportunities.

Firstly, with an expansive open layout, the hubs make cross-business networking far easier, letting businesses effectively share resources and help each other out, whether that involves digital marketing advice, feedback, promotion or anything else.

Beyond that, the University provides a great level of support for the companies being incubated in their digital hubs. As the university says, their support is proven to give young businesses a 95% chance of succeeding - a really impressive statistic, given the fact that roughly 20% of businesses don’t make it past year 1 (as per the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Thirdly, the digital hubs are designed with absolutely top-notch facilities. Convenient, central locations, comfortable, flexible office spaces, and world-class Internet connectivity. That’s where we come in; we’re providing ultrafast, future-proof connectivity to all of the digital hubs run by Leeds Beckett University through our DarkLight service.

Following a recent upgrade to our DarkLight speeds, we’ll be delivering symmetrical 300 Mbps connectivity to all the digital hubs, on lines which can currently support a full 10 Gbps speed, ensuring that the emerging companies in the hubs get the high-speed connectivity that they require to perform at their best.

A look at the Leeds Digital Hub

Upcoming Leeds Beckett Hubs

The first Leeds Beckett Digital Hub is open right now, placed in the Yorkshire Post building in central Leeds - a fantastic location for any starting business, with Leeds being one of the world’s major areas for digital enterprise. There’s already a few companies placed in the hub - if you’re interested in finding out more about the hub, head over to the Leeds digital hub website.

Over the next few months, the university is set to open a few more business centres - right now, the Wakefield business centre is set to open at some time around November, while a further centre is set to launch in Halifax between December and January.

By opening a number of incubators for emerging businesses, Leeds Beckett University is looking to support the next wave of digital business, with advanced offices, great training and fantastic opportunities for those looking for an environment built to actively benefit them.

A look at the Leeds Digital Hub

Bringing Ultrafast Connectivity to Digital Hubs

We’re extremely proud to be supplying Internet connectivity to all of the digital hubs run by Leeds Beckett University. With each hub designed to support dozens of workers and a wide range of businesses, all working almost exclusively in the digital realm, the hubs need truly advanced connectivity to give their tenants the ultrafast performance they require.

While bandwidth requirements for businesses are constantly rising, particularly when it comes to the digital side of the market, the hubs will eventually require faster connectivity - because of DarkLight’s dark fibre design, that’s easy to accomplish.

We’re able to upgrade the speed that our DarkLight customers receive at practically any time, with absolutely no additional construction. With every DarkLight line currently supporting a full 10 Gbps speed, we’re providing truly future-proof Internet to the companies starting out in the Leeds Beckett digital hubs across Yorkshire.

A look at the Leeds Digital Hub