Visiting the Leeds Digital Festival

Exploring the 2018 Leeds Digital Festival

Last evening, the 2018 Leeds Digital Festival kicked off, with a fantastic event sponsored by our partners at CityFibre, seeing digital professionals and organisers from across the city coming together to introduce the schedule for this year’s festival. With Leeds being a national leader when it comes to digital innovation, the festival celebrates the city’s great focus on technology, while also highlighting Leeds’ fantastic approach to collaboration.

First organised in 2016, the Leeds Digital Festival has become the single largest tech festival in the North, with over 150 fantastic events set to take place throughout the festival, running this year between the 16th and 27th of April.

Essentially, the festival is designed to promote every side of technology, with a huge range of (mainly free to attend) events covering everything from digital making and art to in-depth introductions to coding, networking opportunities and far more. Below, we’ve put together a quick look at 10 of the most exciting events set for the Leeds Digital Fest - click through to the festival programme for a full list of everything taking place across the next two weeks.

Events at Leeds Digital Festival 2018

ODI Leeds Showcase - 16th April: Run by the Open Data Institute in Leeds, the showcase is an annual part of the festival, exploring the huge range of ways in which Big Data is put into action, from helping out sports teams to weather prediction and more.

CuratorSpace - 16th April: Exploring different approaches to digital art, CuratorSpace is a brand-new, ongoing exhibition space, launching at the festival with tech-focused exhibits from 5 great creators based around the north.

#GirlTechLCR - 17th April: A huge event on digital careers, #GirlTechLCR aims to specifically target female students, helping to get them engaged with the wide range of career possibilities available across digital sectors.

Immersive Technologies - 18th April: As the UK’s leading VR University, the University of Leeds is set to run a major event exploring the ways in which students and researchers are taking advanced of VR and AR, exploring driving simulators, medical trainers, museum technology and more.

She Does Hey! - 18th April: A mini-conference aiming to explore the career paths available for women interested in tech, this relaxed event is a great opportunity for learning and networking.

Feel/See/Hear/Do - 21st -27th April: A ‘Digital Odyssey’, this event gives attendees the chance to explore Leeds in an all-new way, getting to know more about historical and modern day Leeds - definitely an excellent experience.

Hack a Toy - 21st April: Electronic toys present a real learning opportunity and this event, run by Playful Anywhere, gives digital learners a chance to explore that, taking apart and reworking toys, learning how coding can have a real-world impact.

BGI: Continue - 27th April: Organised by the British Games Institute, this event aims to bridge the gap between gaming and cultural creators, opening up new possibilities and opportunities.

Code in the Dark - 27th April: In an exciting competition, 25 developers compete to create art - a strange, engaging event taking place in Leeds’ Belgrave Music Hall.

Algorave - 27th April: Combining art, music and programming, Algorave is always a highlight of the Leeds Digital Festival. In a free daytime sessions, attendees create an improvised, effective piece of electronic music, while a series of afternoon lectures introduce and explore the themes encompassed in Algorave’s approach to creation.

Along with the fantastic events of the Leeds Digital Festival, the city’s also getting ready for another major event, with the Leeds International Festival kicking off on the 28th, the day after the Digital Festival ends, and running through to the 12th of May - stay tuned to find out more!