Discover responsive and flexible content filtering with SurfProtect

What is SurfProtect?

We’re dedicated to offering our customers the complete package when it comes to Internet services, and our SurfProtect content filtering system is a major part of that. Built from the ground up to give schools and businesses a powerful, completely flexible and intuitive content filtering solution, SurfProtect lets our customers get the exact level of filtering that they’re looking for.

SurfProtect is shortlisted in two categories for tomorrow’s ISPA Awards - Best Cloud Product and the Safety Award. We’re facing some stiff competition in both categories, particularly with our associates in the Internet Watch Foundation (dedicated to preventing the spread of child sexual abuse images) also being up for the Safety Award nomination.

Built for complete versatility, our SurfProtect platform has an incredible range of uses for both schools and businesses - read on to find out exactly what our system has to offer you. We provide SurfProtect free with every Internet connection we supply, because we’re dedicated to helping our customers in any way possible (you can also buy licenses separately).

SurfProtect content filtering for schools

Content filtering is a must for schools with Internet access - it’s hard to exaggerate just how much inappropriate content for children exists online, and it’s important to keep students away from that (particularly with the recently Prevent Duty). At the same time, flexibility is vital when it comes to content filtering - there’s many occasions where over-zealous filtering can block useful websites (consider how much of the content on Wikipedia could be classed as inappropriate).

We’ve designed SurfProtect to ensure that schools get a truly flexible and comprehensive content filtering solution. Easily adjustable by teachers, SurfProtect lets you adjust filtering settings in real-time, using different settings for different student accounts, different computers/devices in the school, and more. This means that different year groups can be allowed to access different levels of content, computers used exclusively by teachers can be given near-total access, and that teachers can quickly unblock any sites they need to use for a class.

Content filtering for businesses with SurfProtect

It’s not just schools that can benefit from content filtering. Different businesses can see a range of positive effects from implementing a solution like SurfProtect: offices can cut down on a lot of wasted time, hotels can block completely inappropriate sites, and businesses with in-store computers for customers can make sure viewers just stay on their website.

Again, the complete flexibility that SurfProtect provides is particularly useful for businesses - different employees need to access different sites, and some normally banned sites can be vital in unusual circumstances. SurfProtect gives your business complete control over your content filtering options.

What’s next for SurfProtect?

Tomorrow, we’re heading down to London’s Brewery for the ISPA Awards - with four total nominations including the two we’ve mentioned for SurfProtect (we’ve also been nominated for two hosting ISPAs), we’re amongst the most-nominated companies at this year’s awards. We’ve been nominated for at least one ISPA Award every year for over a decade, a statistic we’re particularly proud of - especially with it being backed up by multiple award victories.

We’re currently working on the next generation of SurfProtect, designed to bring users a completely new level of convenience, customisation and usability. While we’re a few weeks away from launch, we’ll be keeping you updated as we get closer to release - stay tuned on Twitter at @exanetworks!