ISPA-nominated dedicated and shared hosting from Exa Networks

Flexible hosting solutions for schools and businesses

With the 2016 ISPA Awards less than a week away, we at Exa want to give you a look at why we’ve been nominated for 4 of the highly prestigious awards for internet service providers in the UK - in this post, we’re taking a look at our hosting services.

We’ve been nominated for both hosting-related awards (Best Shared Hosting and Best Dedicated Hosting) alongside Hyve Managed Hosting and Catalyst2. Hosting options from Exa come with a whole lot of advantages that make us stand out from the competition, whether you’re looking for business hosting or want to host your school’s website.

First off, a simple explanation of internet hosting - head down to the next section if you already know the basics. Internet hosting lets your organisation make your website accessible online, and is a practically vital service for anyone looking to maintain a web presence. Exa Networks offer a huge range of hosting options, but this page will focus on the two we’ve picked up ISPA nominations for.

As the name suggests, dedicated hosting involves a server being used exclusively for one client, while shared hosting involves multiple clients sharing a server to cut down the costs. Both of these forms of hosting have different advantages to consider, but whichever you choose, you can be sure of high quality hosting from Exa Networks.

The advantages of web hosting from Exa Networks

Across all of our services, we at Exa Networks are committed to giving you a completely flexible service that gives you exactly what you’re looking for. Our web hosting is definitely no exception to this - we offer a huge degree of flexibility.

Of course, the nature of dedicated hosting means that we can custom commission servers to achieve exactly what our customers want, from server OS to various SQL implementations and more. That doesn’t mean that we limit our shared hosting customers - we’ve got an incredible range of server configurations to pick from.

Along with complete flexibility, we provide our hosting customers with security, reliability and high performance. We use data centres run by industry-beating security companies, while handling all software installation to ensure that our customers are kept completely safe. Every month, an external intrusion test is run to ensure safety across all our servers. With 100% uptime throughout 2015, hosting services from Exa Networks are completely reliable - we’ve got state of the art monitoring systems and generator backups.

We’re dedicated to offering schools and businesses a high level of performance through all our internet services. Both our dedicated and shared hosting solutions offer clearly priced, high-quality packages, so you’ll never be caught off guard by surprise charges. We don’t overload our shared servers, providing contention ratios under 20:1 on our 1Gbps lines (that means there’s far, far less sites sharing the same server than you’ll see with other hosting providers).

Finally, hosting from Exa Networks stands out due to our incredible customer support team (winners of the 2014 ISPA Award for Best Business Customer Service). Our support team are all experts at fixing problems - no script reading here, while our quick response times ensure you won’t be kept on hold.

Interested in ISPA Award nominated hosting services from Exa Networks? Get in touch with us today at 0345 145 1234 and we’ll work with you to provide simple, reliable and trustworthy hosting for your business or school. We’ll be running more blogs about the ISPA Awards, so stay tuned for our piece about SurfProtect - shortlisted for the Safety Award and Best Cloud Product.