What is DarkLight?

Future Proofed Internet with DarkLight

The idea of having completely future proofed technology appeals to many around the world, but often seems unachievable. We’ve seen plenty of technological advances get outpaced and become obsolete, particularly when it comes to computing. With that in mind, the fact that we describe our DarkLight Internet connections as being completely future proof may seem somewhat strange - can we really be certain that our connections will always provide our customers with high-quality Internet speeds?

We can.

Unlike other ‘future proof’ technologies, DarkLight is built to be completely adjustable, letting your business change the Internet speeds you get at absolutely any time. We’re already providing companies around DarkLight cities in the UK with multi-gigabit connection speeds - from 100 Mbps up to a full 10 Gbps for those in need of some of the world’s fastest Internet.

These speeds are more than enough for practically any modern business (the vast majority of businesses right now can’t really benefit from anything over a gigabit), but won’t necessarily be enough a decade or two down the line. Don’t worry - by that time, we’ll be offering even faster DarkLight speeds. BT have recently achieved 5.6 Tbps speeds on a connection like those we use, to give you an idea of what’s possible.

DarkLight ensures that you’ll always be able to get the Internet speeds you need - get in touch with our expert team today at 0345 145 1234 for more information!

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How DarkLight can help your business

Multi-gigabit Internet may sound impressive, but it can be hard to determine exactly how it correlates to improved business performance. First off, you’ll be able to work faster, with far less delays when downloading or uploading data (with DarkLight, uploads are as fast as downloads). In the UK alone, businesses lose about £11 Billion a year due to slow Internet performance - about 38 hours of work per person. DarkLight almost entirely cuts that out, saving you a lot of wasted time and money.

Because our connections are symmetrical, using cloud technology is far quicker and more efficient with DarkLight. Uploading large amounts of data is significantly quicker than it is with other, asymmetrical connections - our 100 Mbps downloads are around 4.4 times faster than the average UK speed, but our 100 Mbps uploads are about 34.5 times quicker than average.

Discussing the launch of DarkLight connectivity in Leeds, deputy council leader James Lewis explained that ‘High-speed internet connectivity allows businesses to become more efficient and productive’, specifically highlighting the ability for companies to ‘make the most of the latest advances in cloud computing and remote working’.

Councillor Lewis was supported by Bradford Council’s David Cawthray, who described our launch as ‘great news for Bradford’, which would be ‘crucial for businesses across the city [competing] on the national and international stage’.

All in all, DarkLight gives businesses faster, more reliable and future proofed Internet performance, improving efficiency while opening up the doors for increased cloud usage and more innovative operation. Ultrafast Internet is becoming as much of a necessity as broadband is today, and DarkLight ensures that your company will be able to stay ahead of the competition at all times, whether today, tomorrow, years or decades from now.

Call us now at 0345 145 1234 or head to our DarkLight Business site to discover more about how DarkLight can help your company maximise profit potential and take advantage of new technology.