Sponsoring the Inspiration Awards for Teaching Excellence

At the 2018 Inspiration Awards for Teaching Excellence

Right from the start, Exa Education has worked to help develop and improve the use of technology in and around classrooms, from advising teachers on how get the best out of their school’s current tech to the incredible CPD, lessons and resources provided by our exa.foundation.

Tonight, we’re heading down to the Inspiration Awards for Teaching Excellence, an awards ceremony run by the David Ross Education Trust as a way to celebrate outstanding teachers, academies and staff across the UK. At the ceremony, we’re proudly sponsoring the award for the Outstanding Use of Technology, going to a teacher who’s managed to make a real difference in their classroom by getting the best out of technology.

With this year marking the inaugural Inspiration Awards ceremony, tonight’s set to be an impressive event - follow us on Twitter @ExaNetworks to stay up to date with everything happening this evening at the awards.

Effectively using Technology in the Classroom

Interestingly, of the three teachers shortlisted for the Outstanding Use of Technology award this year, none are specialist Computing/ Computer Science teachers, with all working in different subjects. This highlights an important point - technology isn’t just for Computing classes, it’s something that can make a real difference in and around practically any kind of classroom, as long as it’s effectively used.

While different teachers engage with technology in different ways, there’s a few major approaches, resources and points to be aware of when it comes to effectively integrating technology in the classroom - get in touch with our exa.foundation team at 0345 145 1234 to find out more:

Properly Using Technology: The single most important part of edtech is ensuring that technology is used appropriately. There’s no point spending money on tech if it’s not going to be used or make a real difference for students and teachers. If technology isn’t going to have a definite, real impact, it probably shouldn’t be introduced.

Flipped Learning: Flipped learning is an innovative, tech-supported approach to teaching, essentially flipping the standard form of teaching, with students learning about subjects in homework time, with lesson time used to test and develop their skills, giving teachers a far greater ability to individually support students.

Free/ Low Cost Resources: With budgets increasingly stretched, it’s vital for schools to know about the huge range of genuinely useful, free or low-cost resources available to them. As part of our work at exa.foundation, we’ve created and listed a wide range of free education resources including dozens of useful links, lessons and more.

We’re looking forward to finding out more about how the teachers shortlisted for this evening’s awards have managed to improve their students’ classroom experience by effectively using technology - as we’ve said, every teacher has a different approach to technology, with different educators benefiting from hugely different approaches.

We’re committed to helping schools develop and improve their engagement with technology in and around the classroom. Along with the huge programme of events organised by our exa.foundation, this June, we’re running #exabytes18, a huge conference on the best ways to effectively use edtech in and around the classroom. With #exabytes returning for a third year, the event’s set to be a fantastic experience for teachers, with a huge range of genuinely useful sessions covering practically every side of edtech. Head over to the #exabytes18 EventBrite page to book your ticket, or watch this space for more information about this year’s event!