Next week: Computing CPD in Somerset!

Computing in the Curriculum

Right now, our’s getting prepared for an incredible day of CPD for teachers! On the 29th of September, along with expert Computing trainer Chris Chaffey, our foundation’s CAS Master Teacher Alan O’Donohoe will be presenting a full day of sessions designed to give teachers a clearer understanding of the ideas, systems and techniques involved in teaching Computing.

Organised by Exa Networks partners IDN, the day’s been so popular amongst local teachers that spaces are already fully booked! We’ve got a wide range of seminars and panels planned, all exploring different sides of the Computing curriculum in detail. On this page, we’ve taken a quick look at what’s planned for the day - check out the timetable just below, and read on for a more in-depth look!

Timetable for the IDN CPD Day

The event runs on Thursday the 29th September at Dillington House down near Ilminster, Somerset - check out this IDN leaflet for more information about getting there on the day.

Computing topics at the IDN CPD day

With two highly experienced teachers leading events at the IDN event, attendees will be split into two seminar groups, covering the same material, just in a different order. These seminars are backed up with some open forums, giving you a chance to discuss some edtech topics with peers, from discussion on curriculum benefits and improvements to forums on making the best possible use of limited resources.

Across the day, you’ll be able to explore the following seminars:

Physical Computing with Scratch: Using the student-friendly visual programming language Scratch to control real-world objects - controlling LEDs, buzzers and more. At 9:15 for Group A, and 1:15 for Group B.

Scratch across the Curriculum: Exploring the uses of Scratch in the curriculum - a look at how to approach the language, projects to try out and far more. At 10AM for Group A, 2PM for Group B.

Collaborating with Digital Portfolios: Exploring ways in which multiple learners can use digital work on different aspects of a single project at the same time. 11AM for Group A, 3PM for Group B.

Using Collaborative Systems for Parent Communication: Different strategies to help keep parents informed about their child’s progress and important school news. 11:45 for Group A, 3:45 for Group B.

Computing for Everyone: How to make sure that your school provides an environment which encourages everyone interested in coding, rather than just a few of them. 1:15 for Group A, 9:15 for Group B.

QR Codes vs Augmented Reality: A look at how to start out with two different approaches to tech-integrated learning in the classroom. 2 PM for Group A, 10AM for Group B.

Online Safety & Digital Storytelling: Teaching students about online safety through a digital storytelling-based approach involving the use of Twine. 3PM for Group A, 11AM for Group B.

Safeguarding IT Systems: Approaches to help keep IT systems in your school completely protected, while safeguarding users online. 3:45 for Group A, for 11:45 Group B.