What happens when an ISP closes down?

On the shutdown of ICT4C

An ISP (or really, any other service provider) closing down isn’t the kind of thing that people plan for, with notice about the closure often coming out of the blue, leaving customers in quite an uncertain situation. While it’s fortunately rare to see an established ISP close down, a number of schools across Yorkshire recently had the unfortunate news that local education ISP ICT4C had ceased trading with immediate effect, leaving dozens of schools with about a week to sort out new arrangements for their connectivity.

While we don’t want to come across as vulture-like, we do believe that schools need access to connectivity, and want to make sure that they’re securely provided for as soon as possible. As such, we’re offering former ICT4C customers completely free Internet services for the rest of their current contract (until March 2018), including connectivity and our SurfProtect content filtering - along with free installation for future-proof DarkLight connectivity in March for interested schools close to our network.

There’s quite a few other ISPs offering similar deals, so we’d really like to stress that you shouldn’t panic and rush into signing an agreement with anyone before taking some time to review the options and pick the service that best suits your requirements. While the clock is ticking, time’s quite a way from running out.

If you’d like to hear more about how we can support your school, don’t hesitate to get in touch at 0345 145 1234 - you can also find out more at our Exa Education site. Below, we’ve put together some info to keep you up to date on everything happening with ICT4C.

More information about the ICT4C closure

If your school has been using Internet services from ICT4C, you should have been informed about the closure in the last couple of days. While there’s a bit of uncertainty as to what exactly is happening, it appears that schools who receive their connectivity services from Kirklees Council should already have continuation of services sorted out, though we should still be able to provide free services until the end of March if wanted.

Other schools have apparently been given roughly a week to sort out a new option for their Internet services, with some being pressured into signing up for new services or face the total loss of service - we hope that affected schools are able to resolve the issue in as effective a way as possible, and are here to offer schools an alternative.

You can find a full statement from the new Joint Administrators of ICT4C on their website, discussing what’s going on, though individual schools should have received communications giving a clearer picture of what’s going on with their services.

We’d also recommend following the ongoing EduGeek thread on the shutdown - EduGeek is a fantastic forum for tech staff in schools, so there’s likely to be a lot of informative posts as the situation develops.

We’ve previously worked to support a lot of schools moving away from ICT4C for various reasons, across the Calderdale area - as such, we know about the particular requirements that former ICT4C customers have for their services, and will work to ensure as smooth a transition as possible wherever needed.