Supporting Effective Rural Connectivity

Speeding up rural areas with Gigaclear

When we talk about Internet connectivity, there’s often a focus on urban areas, and the high-speed connectivity available there. Unfortunately, this means that rural parts of the country are often left out of the conversation, which leads to businesses being left behind, schools being unable to offer students access to online resources, and individuals being cut out of an increasingly digital economy.

There’s a lot of fantastic companies and charities working to help rectify this problem, and we’re proud to be partners with the best of them - Gigaclear. Having recently picked up the ISPA Award for Best Rural Broadband for the 2nd year running, Gigaclear have been doing some fantastic work over the last year, developing their network across the UK.

Gigaclear focus on making fibre-based connectivity available for users in rural areas, helping to give businesses, schools and individuals access to the incredible benefits of ultrafast connectivity. With rural areas in the UK currently seeing average download speeds of roughly 4 Mbps through outdated ADSL connections, it often proves impossible for rural organisations to use established and effective tools like Cloud storage, video streaming, and VoIP - yet alone the emerging technologies that are set to make a genuine difference in the coming years.

With an ever-growing network spanning everywhere from Devon to Northamptonshire, Gigaclear supports over 15,000 customers across rural networks, opening up access to truly effective connectivity.

Because of the extensive work that has to be carried out when installing fibre to rural areas, we offer schools and businesses access to two options for rural fibre. Along with an uncontended option designed to deliver full speeds in absolutely all scenarios, we offer a 10:1 contended service which hugely cuts down costs, but which may experience speed fluctuations during peak usage.

Beyond this, we offer a wide range of symmetrical Internet speed levels for our rural fibre customers, ranging from 50 Mbps all the way up to full gigabit connectivity, with annual prices starting out at £2100 plus VAT. With a huge range of service options, we’re able to offer packages designed to suit the requirements of any business or school based in a rural area covered by Gigaclear. Get in touch with our team today at 0345 145 1234 to find out more about how we can help speed up your organisation with ultrafast, fibre-based connectivity!

While we exclusively work to provide organisations, Gigaclear services are also available to home users, as part of their focus on broadening access to ultrafast performance throughout rural areas. If you’re interested in finding out more about the possibilities available through rural fibre, we’d recommend getting in touch with Gigaclear directly (though our team can forward an inquiry if you’d prefer).