How Gigabit Cities have helped businesses and schools

The effects of a Gigabit dark fibre Internet connection

Offering businesses and schools internet connections with over 1 Gbps (that’s 1000 Mbps) speeds, Gigabit Cities are the future of online connectivity. We at Exa Networks have recently partnered up with CityFibre to transform Bradford and Leeds into the latest Gigabit Cities in the UK, bringing multi-gigabit speeds to a huge number of schools and businesses with our DarkLight gigabit internet connections.

CityFibre have previously worked to supply a number of UK cities with gigabit connections, so we’ve decided to take a look at how the cities have benefited. Before Bradford and Leeds, CityFibre’s biggest Gigabit Cities were Peterborough and Coventry.

Businesses, schools and council buildings in both cities are now benefiting from ultra-fast speeds. Gigabit internet connections are around 50 times faster than the UK average, giving users incredibly fast performance.

Both Peterborough and Coventry have seen a huge amount of interest in gigabit internet connections - Peterborough reports that over 1000 businesses (a full quarter of the 4000 in the city) have registered their interest, while Coventry saw over 400 registrations by January 2015.

CityFibre estimates that the creation of a Gigabit City improves GDP in the area by 2%, a truly incredible amount. There’s a few major ways in which gigabit internet connections work to improve GDP. Firstly, it’s estimated that UK businesses lose £11 Billion a year due to slow internet connections, a major problem that gigabit internet hugely reduces.

Secondly, the availability of high speed internet works to create jobs in a Gigabit City. A lot of businesses gravitate towards areas with high connectivity, while faster internet also enables the development of new companies. The CEO of Coventry City Council, Martin Reeves, described the development as enabling a “whole panoply of options for the future”, describing a “melding of the classic city culture” with progressive innovation and worldwide creativity.

Along with businesses, schools have benefited heavily from gigabit internet connections. Online resources are being used more and more by students and teachers, resulting in increased strain for school internet connections. With gigabit connections, schools are able to provide their pupils with complete access to the resources they need to truly develop their learning.

Dark fibre internet connections in Bradford and Leeds

Now that Bradford and Leeds are Gigabit Cities, you can expect to see the same incredible positive changes that Peterborough and Coventry have experienced. Along with those, our DarkLight internet connections come with a couple of special features designed to help schools and businesses around Leeds and Bradford.

DarkLight is built to provide a dark fibre internet connection. Put simply, this means that the connections are entirely future proofed - you’ll never need to install another internet connection.

Using Exa DarkLight connections, you can get multi-gigabit internet speeds and change your connection speed at any time without any further construction. That means you can always get the level of internet performance you want, while our uncontended lines mean that you get exactly what you pay for.

Because our dark fibre internet connections have symmetrical speeds, you’ll get upload speeds just as fast as your downloads, absolutely ideal for any school or business using cloud data. You can also be sure of completely reliable service with our 99.99% uptime Service Level Agreement, because we at Exa Networks are committed to giving you the great level of performance that you deserve from your internet.