What makes Gigabit connectivity important?

Discovering the effect of ultrafast connectivity

Over time, requirements for Internet connectivity performance have increased dramatically, and continue to do so. Across the last few years, we’ve seen a huge number of organisations adopting ultrafast connectivity, with 100 Mbps plus performance seeing an increasingly high demand from businesses in well-connected areas.

There’s a lot of factors driving the adoption of ultrafast performance in business - we think there’s three main categories the majority of these factors fall into:

Improved Efficiency: Right now, it’s estimated that the UK loses roughly £11 billion a year due to underperforming Internet, according to a study from the Daisy Group which claims that slow and unreliable connectivity costs the average worker 38 hours of work a year.

By bringing in reliable, ultrafast connectivity, businesses can practically eliminate this loss entirely, typically making back their cost purely in terms of increased efficiency for users, helping businesses run more smoothly, and critically, cutting out a major source of frustration for employees.

Faster Performance: Whether it’s using Cloud backup services, providing customers with Wi-Fi, handling large files or a whole lot more, there’s a lot of situations where Internet speed is critical. Ultrafast performance (100 Mbps +) service is roughly 4 times faster than standard ADSL options, making companies far, far faster.

Additional Opportunities: Companies introducing ultrafast Internet connectivity can also introduce a wide range of services requiring high bandwidth capacities. From teleconferencing to complete Cloud backup, large data handling, live streaming and more, ultrafast performance opens up the door for a whole lot of previously inaccessible opportunities.

An increasing number of companies are adopting ultrafast connectivity, speeding up their performance across the board, with the service increasingly becoming a standard - even for a lot of SMEs. However, over the coming years, we’re expecting to see a lot more companies taking one step beyond, bringing in gigabit-level connectivity.

Delivering even faster performance than ultrafast services, gigabit connectivity opens up even more doors for companies. While most smaller SMEs today wouldn’t really benefit from installing gigabit service over ultrafast options, it’s firmly established as the next generation of Internet connectivity excellence. As such, we’ve recently taken a big step to bring a lot of our customers just a bit closer to gigabit service.

Making gigabit connectivity more accessible with DarkLight

We’re completely committed to ensuring that businesses and schools are able to access gigabit (and ultrafast) connectivity, with the service having the potential to make a major impact across the board. We offer a wide range of options for gigabit services (and plan to expand our range before long), but with DarkLight, our most advanced, and lowest-priced option, we’ve recently taken a major step to bring customers closer to symmetrical gigabit performance.

Having recently upgraded our core network to accommodate for an ever-increasing demand, we increased the speed of all our sub-gigabit DarkLight connections at absolutely no cost to our customers, permanently upgrading the performance of each tier by at least 200 Mbps, and delivering totally unmatched value for money.

The new performance DarkLight provides

Bringing in multi-gigabit speeds

Right now, there’s very few organisations that can see any particularly huge benefit from introducing multi-gigabit connectivity - businesses and researchers handling huge amounts of data, and some university-scale institutions being the most common current use cases.

However, just as broadband superseded dialup, as ultrafast connectivity is taking over from broadband, and as gigabit connectivity is becoming a more widely-adopted option, multi-gigabit connections will eventually become a useful and effective service for more organisations.

Again, this change will be driven by the ever-increasing range of services requiring high levels of bandwidth. While it’s hardly possible to say for certain what those services are going to look like - as a person a decade ago would struggle to predict the rise of Youtube and video streaming, Cloud services and social media, to point to a few, DarkLight is designed to completely accommodate for those needing multi-gigabit connectivity in the years to come.

Right now, we’re able to provide fully symmetrical 10 Gbps performance on any DarkLight line, upgrading customers at practically any time without any additional construction, due to our use of dark fibre to provide the connectivity. We can also provide 100 Gbps performance - though we don’t expect to see any requests or inquiries for some time to come, and the installation requires a simple switch of equipment.

As such, we’re planning for a very long time into the future with DarkLight, and will be working expand capacity even further in the years to come - it’s really the last Internet connection you’ll ever need.