Bradford and Leeds are now Gigabit Cities!

Multi-gigabit dark fibre internet connections in Bradford and Leeds

Exa Networks have teamed up with CityFibre to transform Leeds and Bradford into the UK’s latest Gigabit Cities, bringing thousands of businesses and schools next-generation internet. Gigabit Cities are areas where people can get internet speeds over 1000 Mbps.

With the UK Government claiming that gigabit connections will only start to appear around 2020, we’re far ahead of the standard. By working with CityFibre while they install high quality fibre optic cables across the two cities, we’ve ensured that businesses and schools in Bradford and Leeds can get multi-gigabit internet speeds using our DarkLight internet connections. Our lines have the potential to reach over million-megabit per second speeds - over 44,000 times the average UK speed.

Gigabit Cities

With DarkLight, schools and businesses can get world-class internet speeds starting at 100 Mbps for a surprisingly low cost. With prices starting at £3588 a year (equivalent to £299 a month), schools will be able to save money on their internet connections while businesses can get world-class internet speeds at a low cost.

It’s estimated that UK businesses lose £11 Billion due to slow internet speeds - one of the many issues that DarkLight internet connections from Exa Networks solve. Gigabit cities really show off the next generation of internet, giving students the ability to easily use online resources while ensuring that businesses get the level of internet performance they need to compete in the modern market.

Because the demand for internet speed and bandwidth is always increasing, DarkLight connections in Gigabit Cities like Bradford and Leeds let you upgrade your connection at any time - without any additional construction. We use dark fibre optics, which ensure that you can easily increase your connection speed.

With our dark fibre internet connections in Bradford and Leeds, we currently offer connection speeds up to 10 Gbps (that’s 10000 Mbps), an almost unimaginable level of speed. Because our DarkLight connections are uncongested and uncontended, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the speeds that you pay for.

DarkLight dark fibre internet is built to offer schools and businesses completely future proofed internet connections that won’t ever need to be replaced. Our connections come with a 99.99% SLA so you get completely reliable performance, while our symmetrical connection design gives you upload speeds as fast as your downloads - ideal for cloud storage.