Building a Connected Future

Future-Planned Connectivity

One of the most important aspects of our DarkLight Internet connectivity is the fact that we’ve designed the service to be completely future-proofed, ensuring that our customers never need to install another connection.

Essentially, with every DarkLight line using highly adjustable dark fibre, we’re able to provide customers with faster speeds whenever they need them. Right now, any DarkLight user can switch to packages including an astonishing 10 Gbps speed just by making a call, and we’re planning to significantly improve that maximum in the future, supporting customers for decades to come.

But there’s an important question to be asked - what do we expect that future to look like? There’s any number of ideas about what actually might happen over the next few generations, but we think there’s definitely some areas where we can already see a hint of what’s likely to happen in the next couple of years.

The rise of Internet connectivity has been highly transformative for society, driving a different form of relationship between consumers and products as high-speed connectivity spreads. Right now, this altered state is perhaps most apparent in media consumption. Driven by the success of services like Netflix and Spotify, consumers are increasingly paying for media as a service, rather than as a series of distinct purchases (DVDs, CDs), vastly transforming the marketplace for both businesses and customers.

While the launch of any number of services competing within the same market area certainly suggests that the transformation to a full-on environment of media availability isn’t going to be as smooth as some companies/ investors may hope, we certainly believe that a look at the media market shows a lot of early signs of what’s likely to be a far wider development for the future.

We also don’t believe that this market transformation is exclusively for media. While it’s certainly easier to see how the change works for digital media than for buying cars, for instance, we think that in the years to come, we’ll see far more of a digital-first approach to the overall marketplace - a change that’s fully supported through DarkLight’s future-proofed design.

On the 17th July, we’re heading down to a fantastic event exploring thoughts about the ‘Consumer of the Future’, hosted by Leeds Beckett University’s Wakefield Business Centre. At the event, Exa’s Simon Eagles will be taking a closer look at some of the distinct areas where we believe the increasing spread of ultrafast connectivity will make a real difference in the near future - head over to the Innovation Network EventBrite page for more details and free tickets!