Find out how fibre optic internet works with Exa DarkLight

Fast fibre optic internet connections from Exa DarkLight

With our DarkLight™ NGA internet connections now available across Bradford and Leeds, we at Exa Networks want to take some time to give you a look at exactly what our service has to offer. Built to last, DarkLight connections are completely future proofed - once they’ve been installed, their speed can be upgraded at any point without requiring additional construction work.

Our DarkLight connections work because of the incredible opportunities that fibre optic cable offers. We’ve written up this page to explain why fibre optic cable is different from other internet connection options, and to show you exactly how we’ve used it to create our DarkLight connections for businesses and schools.

Fibre optic cable was designed for high quality data transmission over a long distance. Built by pulling glass into long, thin strands, fibre optic cables transmit data in light form, with the light reflecting inside the cable until it reaches the terminal point.

Due to their construction, fibre optics avoid any electrical interference, and are comparatively far smaller than other internet cable options. The small size and low cost of fibre optic cables allows for the advanced configuration that our DarkLight connections use.

Future proofed DarkLight internet from Exa Networks

While most optic fibre lines are installed ‘lit’ - the entire cable is used, DarkLight is based around providing a dark fibre connection, which isn’t all used upon installation. This means that by installing our dark fibre optic cables, you can essentially future proof an internet connection as speeds can be increased at any point without any further construction work, giving you an all-new level of flexibility.

When you want to improve your current internet speed, DarkLight just starts using more of the preinstalled fibre optic, improving speed to whatever level you want for your school or business. DarkLight means that you don’t need to worry about the disruption and cost that comes with upgrading your internet connection, letting you stay right at the forefront for internet connections without any difficulty.

Both businesses and schools will get some great advantages from using DarkLight. It’s estimated that UK businesses lose £11 Billion a year due to slow internet connections - around 38 hours of work per employee. Using DarkLight, your business never has to worry about the cost of a slow connection again.

Schools are also disrupted by slow connections - children lose motivation quickly when they’re waiting for pages to load, which makes them less likely to explore the many educational resources available online. With DarkLight, you can give your students complete access to everything from online coding essentials to educational videos, guides and more, while our SurfProtect content filtering keeps them completely safe.

DarkLight speeds start out at 100 Mbps, and have a practically unlimited potential for upgrade - we currently offer a 10Gbps internet connection for those looking for absolutely top-level speeds, while we can significantly increase your connection speed whenever you want. Fibre optic cables really are the future of internet connections, and we at Exa are proud to be able to bring ultra fast connections to schools and businesses across both Bradford and Leeds.