Faster school internet at a lower price with DarkLight

Saving your school money with fast broadband from Exa

There’s really no doubt that modern schools need high quality internet connections. The UK Government has prioritised broadband access, aiming at providing 95% of the UK with superfast (at least 24 Mbps) connections by 2018. With schools using far more internet-connected devices than homes, schools need far faster connections to get the performance that the government has targeted.

We estimate that the average primary school should be aiming for between a 30 and 40 Mbps connection to give students a sufficiently fast connection, while secondary schools can need up to 10 times the connection speed to cope with higher demands. With more and more students accessing educational resources online, now’s the perfect time to think about upgrading your school’s broadband.

At Exa Education, we’ve been a market leader in online connectivity for schools for over a decade for a few simple reasons.

1: We’ve focused on schools from the start. While most ISPs are mainly focused on individuals and businesses, we’ve had schools in mind since we started. That means we offer you broadband connections designed for schools from the ground up.

2: We offer more powerful connections than other ISPs. At Exa we’ve always realised that a fast internet connection is a necessity for schools. We offer a range of internet connection types and speeds to let you choose a connection that works for you. With our new DarkLight system designed to ensure that you never need to install another physical connection, we’re the best choice for schools in the UK.

3: We’re cheaper than the average. Schools often get overcharged for internet connections. We’ve seen many schools paying tens of thousands a year for a relatively low quality connection, which really just prevents students from getting the education they deserve. With Exa, you can get market leading internet speeds with a price that is likely to be significantly less than you’re paying currently.

Fast, low cost DarkLight internet connections for schools from Exa

At Exa Education, we offer range of different connections for schools across the UK - you can find out more over at our school connectivity page, which runs down a few options for schools, each delivering high quality performance for your school. Just a few days ago, however, we launched our DarkLight system across Leeds and Bradford.

DarkLight is really the next generation of internet service. Designed to offer future proofed internet, once our DarkLight system is installed, its speed can be upgraded at any point without further construction. Using DarkLight, we can offer schools across Bradford and Leeds an unprecedented level of speed.

Starting out at 100 Mbps, our most basic DarkLight connection gives primary schools a truly incredible level of internet speed, at an amazingly low cost. A 100 Mbps DarkLight connection costs just £3588/ year - the equivalent of £299 a month (along with installation - more on that in a second). Secondary schools might want to consider our 300 Mbps connection at £4188 a year - £349 a month, or our ultra fast 500 Mbps connection at £4888 a year.

Right now, we offer DarkLight connections up to 10 Gbps, while our lines have a current capacity of 100 Gbps (that limit will be increasing over the coming years). Even our most powerful standard connection costs just £5988 a year, the equivalent of £499 a month, giving you a lower price and far better performance than most other connections.

Installing our DarkLight system in your school costs just £2500, but we’re currently offering a special discount. The first 125 connections made with DarkLight will get a huge 80% reduction on installation costs, so you’ll just pay £500!

You can find more information about DarkLight over on our DarkLight website, or you can contact us directly on 0345 145 1234 to find out more. There’s really no better choice than Exa DarkLight for your school, so make sure that you don’t miss out on our heavily discounted installation fees!