Now Available: ExaVoice!

Discover ExaVoice - More choice for VoIP

Over the summer, we’ve been working to develop our range of Internet services, and we’re proud to be launching our own take on one of the most requested services around. ExaVoice is a new, completely flexible VoIP service for schools and businesses, designed to give our customers the ability to get an Internet telephony service that directly caters for their requirements, whatever those may be.

Acting as a replacement for standard telephony, VoIP has a number of major advantages for users, from major cost savings to previously unachievable flexibility, improved resiliency, and a range of unique advantages. ExaVoice goes beyond the standard advantages of using VoIP, however, bringing in Exa’s focus on flexibility, great performance and fair prices to create a truly stand-out VoIP service.

ExaVoice is now available to order across the UK - get in touch with our team at 0345 145 1234 to discuss your requirements, or read on to find out what makes ExaVoice really stand out!

Major ExaVoice Features

With ExaVoice, we’ve included a number of useful features to ensure that users get the very best from their VoIP service. Below, we’ve listed a few of the main advantages of using ExaVoice - though this is hardly a comprehensive list. Give our team a call at 0345 145 1234 to find out how ExaVoice can directly benefit your organisation!

Convenient Online Management: ExaVoice packages all include access to a powerful online panel, from which you’ll be able to see comprehensive analytics, change individual phone and users sessions, and far more.

Cloud-Hosted Continuity: As a Cloud-hosted service, ExaVoice is backed up and usable in many emergency circumstances, giving you a level of utility that’s not present with traditional phone options.

Complete Flexibility: We’ve always been committed to giving our customers as much choice as possible, and that’s absolutely not changed with ExaVoice - read on to find out about our bespoke VoIP package options!

Award-Winning Support: All Exa Networks services are supported by an in-house, ISPA Award-winning support team, with expert training and industry-leading response times - so you don’t have to wait on hold.

Customising your ExaVoice Package

We’re dedicated to complete customisability with ExaVoice, giving users the ability to design completely bespoke packages on every level. From the start, you can choose between three license options for each phone in your package (each license comes bundled with a standard handset):

Functional User: Designed for those requiring a basic telephone service, this is ideal for phones used infrequently to make calls, and has a basic set of features.

Fixed User: The most popular license option we offer, this is ideal for any staff who mainly work from one location, and adds some advanced features including voicemail and call forwarding for added convenience.

Mobile User: Perfect for any staff who travel around, this license allows users to incorporate advanced ExaVoice features with their smartphones (not provided) for on the go calls, voicemail access and far more.

Along with these initial options, ExaVoice supports far more choices - choose minute bundles for each phone, pick more advanced handset options, add in optional features like fax messaging and voice recording, choose what numbers your calls appear to be from, and a whole lot more.

Once your ExaVoice package is in place, you’ll still be able to change the specifics, ensuring that you always get the service that you require, whether you’re adding more phones, introducing new features, or practically anything else.

Check out our ExaVoice glossaries for education and for business to find out more about the options and features that come with your subscription!