New ExaVoice Bundles for 2021

New ExaVoice Bundles for 2021

As we are always looking to improve our services to cater to customers needs, we’ve listened to feedback about our VoIP service, ExaVoice and made some changes to our packages.

New ExaVoice VoIP bundles 2021

We’ve included unlimited uk minutes and more app integration for devices, including Office UC Desktop and Mobile, allowing you to make and receive calls at home as you would from the office. We have made the names of our new bundles easier to understand too, we now offer ExaVoice Basic, Office, Office Advanced and Everywhere.

ExaVoice Basic

ExaVoice Basic provides a simple VoIP solution, ideal for use in a meeting room or anywhere that requires an occasional use handset. Our competitive pricing includes a choice of two handsets and all calls to UK Landline and Mobile.

ExaVoice Office

ExaVoice Office includes essential features such as Call Forwarding options, Voicemail and Attended transfer. Typical users for an ExaVoice Office bundle are administrative staff or anyone who is primarily office based and does not need to use a softphone application.

New ExaVoice Everywhere VoIP bundle working from home 2021

ExaVoice Office Advanced

Office Advanced includes a softphone client for desktop or tablet as well as a handset, allowing flexibility to work from the office or anywhere with a device connected to the Internet. Perfect for heads of department and remote workers primarily based in a single location.

ExaVoice Everywhere

ExaVoice Everywhere provides a Unified Communications package suitable for senior management, those who work across multiple sites or any users who need a high level of availability. Features include Outlook Calendar integration, Instant Messaging and conference hosting on desktop or mobile devices.

Our bundles can be mixed & matched across a site giving you the value and flexibility you need (not imposing a one size fits all solution) and we can also help to recommend suitable options based on your needs.

If these bundles aren’t suitable for what your premises requires, we still offer bespoke packages. If you would like to hear more please get in touch via email or call us on 0345 145 1234