12 Days of Examas - September

Launches and events through September 2017

Moving from analogue services to digital options can often bring in some major savings and advantages, and telephony is one of the areas where that’s most apparent, with VoIP services delivering incredible value-for-money and previously unreachable flexibility compared to traditional phone options.

As such, over time we’ve seen a lot of customers interested in introducing VoIP services, and this September, we were proud to introduce ExaVoice, our bespoke VoIP service, built to deliver completely customisable VoIP packages suiting any customer’s needs.

Like many of our other services, ExaVoice is designed to let users get a service that perfectly suits their needs, with completely customisable packages including dozens of potential options, letting businesses and schools get exactly what they’re looking for, without paying for anything they don’t want.

Along with the launch of ExaVoice, September saw Exa be accepted into the government’s Technology Services 2 framework, which means that we’re now able to hugely streamline the process of selling to public sector organisations.

We work with a range of partners to help sell Exa products and services as widely as possible, and this September, we launched a brand new partner portal, collecting a full selection of marketing material, quote documents and helpful information, again as part of our comprehensive digital overhaul.

Our education portal for partners reselling our services

A look at our partner portal designed for business resellers