12 Days of Examas - October

Taking a look through October at Exa

In October 2015, we officially launched exa.foundation, a not-for-profit branch of Exa aimed at improving digital literacy and skills, working heavily with schools, students and digital makers across the country. Over the years, we’ve run hundreds of events, reaching and helping out tens of thousands of people.

As we reached our foundation’s second anniversary in October 2017, we hit a major milestone, with over 10,000 users having registered for our GCSE Computer Science MOOC, a Bett-Award nominated service designed to support a flipped learning approach to teaching.

Through October, exa.foundation also ran a few events for EU Code Week in Bradford, an international effort to get more young learners interested in Computing - next year, we’re planning on doing even more for the week.

We were also particularly proud to bring our DarkLight network live across more of South Yorkshire, delivering world-class connectivity performance to customers across Northampton, Doncaster, Rotherham and a few more areas.

Alongside the launch of our new DarkLight cities, October also saw the launch of an incredible programme from Leeds Beckett University - the Digital Hub scheme. Essentially, Digital Hubs combine excellent office space (equipped with ultrafast DarkLight Internet) with fantastic business advice, helping emerging digital businesses at a critical time.

A shot from one of our recent exa.foundation events, providing CPD for a full class of teachers

Some of the many topics covered by our computer science MOOC