12 Days of Examas - November

Exploring November at Exa Networks

Last month, we finally completed the first phase of our digital overhaul, launching the brand new Exa Networks website to give our customers a far more modern user experience, more accurate information and hugely improved convenience. The mobile-friendly new website lets users explore our range of services far more effectively, while letting us update the site far faster as we develop our services over the coming months.

Along with our website, we saw a number of other launches through November. In particular, the recent launch of the Gigabit Connectivity Voucher scheme has been a major plus for local businesses around West Yorkshire (and three additional regions).

Essentially, the programme aims to open up access to ultrafast Internet performance for SMEs, providing major subsidies towards new connectivity. With simple applications and processing typically taking just a few hours compared to the weeks other programmes can require, the Gigabit Connectivity Vouchers can be a really convenient and effective game changer, typically making it completely free for companies to install DarkLight.

Companies can hugely benefit across the board from digital expertise, whether that means using social media effectively, understanding what technology can benefit them the most, getting to grips with effective cybersecurity, or a whole lot more. However, many SMEs don’t have the time or budget to effectively develop these skills.

As such, in November this year, we were very proud to enter the Digital Champions initiative, with our National Business Development Manager, Simon Eagles, becoming one of the first Digital Champions in the UK. Essentially, the initiative is designed to provide SMEs across the Leeds City Region (including Bradford) with free support and consultation to help develop their digital skills, all as part of the ongoing Digital Enterprise Knowledge Exchange.

A look at the front page of the brand new Exa website

The areas currently eligible to receive Gigabit Connectivity Vouchers

A shot of some of the UK's first Digital Champions