12 Days of Examas - June

June 2017 at Exa Networks

We’re always looking to give our customers services which actually benefit them. As such, in June, we teamed up with expert software developers NetSupport to start providing their incredible IT management/school security tool, NetSupport DNA, to our customers.

NetSupport DNA works in a couple of different ways - firstly, it gives all users the ability to see exactly how equipment on their network is being used, making it a fantastic and versatile asset management tool for admins. Beyond that, however, schools can benefit from an additional set of features, as NetSupport DNA includes an incredibly powerful safeguarding tool, creating convenient, effective and wide-ranging logs and reports of any potential causes for concern.

In June, we were also particularly proud to team up with the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), an incredible group working to cut out child abuse imagery online, promoting the incredible work the IWF do to help improve the Internet.

One of the main aspects that makes #exabytes a uniquely excellent conference for teachers is the fact that the schedule is entirely based around what attendees want to see, ensuring that everyone is able to explore seminars, debates and demonstrations that actively interest and benefit them.

We organise this by giving every visitor a chance to vote on the dozens of fantastic seminar proposals we receive for #exabytes, with this year’s voting taking place in June (just a little after the general election itself).

Using the fantastic NetSupport DNA asset management solution in schools to cut costs and safeguard students

An business admin using the asset management solution provided by NetSupport DNA to cut computing costs